Porn Detectives

Release Date: Sep.10.2018
Running Time: 0:38:32
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Blair Williams, Ashly Anderson

Adult starlets Ashly Anderson and Blair Williams became successful private investigators -- until a diabolical man tricked them into taking his case. Following his phony lead, first Ashly, then Blair were seized by the vicious schemer, who plunged them into his twisted world of bondage! Bound standing to a pillar in her tight black dress, Ashly was mouth-stuffed and tape-gagged; she was soon joined by Blair who was gagged in identical fashion as she lay snared in rope on an antique lounge. The sexy detectives strained against their bonds with all the energy they could muster but failed to escape the oppressive ropework.

His evil plan began to unfold once the distressed detectives were deprived of their clothing and subjected to the profound humiliation of nude bondage. Chair-tied side-by-side and cleave-gagged, Blair and Ashly twisted nervously, their impressive breasts framed with rope. Although frantic shifting of the chairs brought them no closer to freedom, their gloating captor retaliated with an ingenious alteration that suppressed their mobility. Legs raised and thrust through spaces in the back of a third chair, Ashly and Blair were prevented from pulling them in reverse by twine tying their big toes together!

The one-time adult performers were familiar with beds of the kind where they sat but their situation differed drastically from that erotic past. Their buxom naked bodies again controlled with rope and mouths covered with tape, Blair and Ashly sat in pathetic proximity at the head of the bed. Refusing to accept their domination by the arrogant trickster, the bound nudes maneuvered awkwardly around the bed as they attempted to free their wrists or strip off the tape-gags with wriggling bare toes! As they lay head- to-foot, however, Ashly and Blair were no closer to freeing themselves -- and their contortions had supplied the depraved man with intense visual thrills.

Tied hand and foot and tape-gagged once more, the defeated detectives sat against the wall at the top of a steep stairway. Although they knew that the odds were stacked against them, Blair and Ashly edged their naked bodies down the stairs until they reached the first floor. Once there, they were indeed taken in charge by the tireless evildoer, then seated on opposite sides of the pillar where Ashly had stood in bondage hours before. He had certainly demonstrated his mastery of the trembling nudes but to punctuate his triumph, the soon-to-be-ex-detectives were hogtied on the hardwood floor, where they arched in a final display of desperate defiance! 

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