Anya And Cadence: Sexy Reformers In A Bind!

Release Date: Feb.11.2019
Running Time: 0:49:42
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Cadence Lux, Anya Ivy

Private investigator Anya Ivy teamed up with political consultant Cadence Lux to follow the money trail leading from a major real-estate developer to a corrupt city councilman. After Anya and Cadence hit paydirt and began to share their information with local media, they were blindsided by problem- solvers working for the crooked pol. Ordered to kneel on the floor, the reformers trembled as their hands were tied behind their backs by a hooded man, who then stuffed their mouths with cloth and completed their gags with duct-tape. Next he placed Cadence and Anya face-down on the floor, pulled off their shoes and bound their ankles; while he and his team took control of the house, the barefoot young women struggled desperately as they rolled around in bondage!

To counteract the damage the reformers had done to his client, the disguised man demanded that Cadence send emails to her media contacts retracting their accusations. With Anya sitting tied and tape-gagged in a chair next to her, the intimidated idealist followed his orders and tapped out the messages on her computer. Once her task was accomplished, Cadence was also bound, gagged and tethered to her chair and the two apprehensive friends twisted in their bras and skirts. When the ruthless operative reappeared, they were chilled to hear him announce that they'd be held in bondage until the election concluded on the following day. To punctuate his message and emphasize their plight, the cold- hearted man pulled down their bras and fondled the breasts he'd cynically exposed.

Proving that he wasn't a total monster, the man in black briefly freed Cadence and Anya, then allowed them to change into nighties and curl up in bed for the night. Of course, he couldn't give them any opportunity to escape, so they were also secured with rope and gagged with tape, which made the hours pass slowly. When they appeared to be quietly attempting to co-operate in loosening their bonds, Anya and Cadence were tethered separately to the bedposts. After one of the team occupying the house passed by and was turned on by their contortions, bare breasts once again thrust through the ropes framing them.

When daylight arrived, the nighties disappeared so that Anya and Cadence could be arranged face-down in naked restraint. Tied hand and foot and gagged with micro-foam tape, they squirmed awkwardly on their stomachs and tugged against the ropes hitching their legs to the bedposts. As the hours passed on election day, the occupying team grew bored and sought entertainment by arranging Cadence and Anya in more provocative proximity. Kneeling face-to- face at the bed's headboard, their wrists linked to the posts, the bound playthings balanced uneasily when they were required to press their breasts together.

The captive reformers' day of disillusionment ended with the dishonest councilman's re-election and the departure of the vicious group responsible for their ordeal. But Anya and Cadence would have to wait several more hours before they would enjoy freedom from rope-work; instead, the naked pair was left tightly bound, cleave-gagged and seated on the floor where they'd been introduced to bondage a day earlier. Positioned several feet apart, they were warned to maintain that separation while the intruders scrubbed the house clean of their presence. At first, the defeated reformers obeyed and merely strained futilely while curling up on the carpet. When the anxious friends couldn't resist the urge to huddle together, however, their mobility was restricted by waist- ankle tethers and their gags were augmented with duct-tape. Left by themselves at last, Cadence and Anya continued to resist their rope-work and murmured consolingly while trying to accept that their good deeds had been so unjustly punished.

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