Bind And Gag The Messenger-Girls

Release Date: Jul.15.2019
Running Time: 0:49:27
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Mackenzie Moss, Andreina Deluxe

After delivering a sensitive device, Mackenzie Moss expected to stay for a response; what surprised her was the hostile recipient's demand that she wait in bondage! Despite her wide eyes, long blonde hair and flowery little dress, Mackenzie was no innocent, yet her slender body had never been so tightly confined in rope, nor her lips spread by a knotted black cloth. Angered by her ill-treatment, Mackenzie vigorously tested her bonds while sitting on the couch where she'd been welcomed at first. When she was left alone, the bound and gagged messenger kicked off her heels and slid onto the floor, where she struggled even more feverishly by rolling onto her stomach and kicking up her bare feet. But Mackenzie would remain under the control of the unpredictable man holding her and soon make the acquaintance of another messenger he'd detained.

Except for her short flowery dress, exotic Andreina Deluxe didn't resemble Mackenzie, but she'd been sent on a similar mission and was received with the same lack of hospitality. Tied-up on a small wooden chair, Andreina twisted furiously, her dark eyes flaring with rage above the white cloth muffling her protests. Slipping onto the floor and out of her colorful sandals, the agile girl continued to strain against the frustrating ropework, then began to stealthily edge toward a nearby door. After she was caught in the act, Andreina's bound ankles were hitched to one of the chair's legs, leaving the barefoot prisoner to thrash awkwardly on her side until she was introduced to Mackenzie.

The man who'd welcomed both Mackenzie and Andreina so ungraciously was profoundly suspicious of the devices they'd brought. But when he harshly questioned them about the organization responsible for the unusual technology, they both denied any knowledge and claimed that they were merely messengers who were unacquainted with each other. Annoyed by their denials, he and an associate gagged the uncooperative pair with cloth- stuffing and duct-tape, then declared that they'd remain as his guests until the disturbing situation had been resolved. To emphasize their powerless state, they'd been trussed-up in their bras and panties; while both sat in discomfort side-by-side on the floor, Andreina and Mackenzie glared at each other. Before long, however, their common plight drew the bound and gagged pawns together to grope awkwardly at the ropes pinning their wrists. Their desperate contortions continued even after their initiative failed, with Mackenzie twisting on her hip while Andreina rolled around on the carpet.

Deprived of her bra, Andreina writhed in bare-breasted bondage on a large wooden chair to which her ankles had been tethered. She'd been moved to a dark niche where Mackenzie soon joined her after a separate interrogation that left their paranoid captor as uninformed as he'd been before. Because energetic Andreina maneuvered her chair closer to Mackenzie's for another failed bout of mutual knot-loosening, links were added to the chair-backs that restrained the tape-gagged messengers more effectively. Anxiety at their alarming situation drove Mackenzie and Andreina to challenge the rope-webs that held them nearly immobilized, but the two desperate young women recognized before long that escape would be impossible.

Not even a stitch of clothing remained to hide the nudity of these beleaguered emissaries, who sat against a wall with their legs hitched to opposite ends of the bed underneath them. Increasingly apprehensive about the stability of the man responsible for their restrictive state, Andreina and Mackenzie battled their bondage intensively despite recognizing the odds against them. From their oppressor's twisted viewpoint, it was the messengers who had caused him so much difficulty; their unwillingness to confess involvement in a plot against him clearly justified the extra rope that later folded Mackenzie on her hip and hogtied Andreina. The women he considered enemies resisted this escalation with defiant energy before an outcome that no one had foreseen.

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