Lena Shelby's Bondage Surprise

Release Date: Jan.07.2019
Running Time: 0:49:50
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Lena Shelby, Danni Rivers

After the trussed-up Danni Rivers made a hesitant phone call requesting her friend Lena Shelby's presence, her mouth was unceremoniously stuffed with cloth that was quickly secured by a knotted gag. While the menacing thug turned his attention to Lena's arrival, Danni twisted desperately in her rope web as she sat on a small wooden bench. Later, the bare- breasted girl huddled nervously with her stockinged feet stretched out on the edge of the bench. Once her gag was removed, Danni thought she'd be released but lost hope when she learned that Lena was also a captive!

When Lena reached the top of the stairs, she expected to see Danni but was instead confronted by a man she'd hoped to never see again! Sitting tied and tape- gagged in a chair, the trembling young woman listened as her enraged ex-lover accused her of stealing the money he'd left with her before he went to prison. Unable to respond, Lena strained in immoveable ropework while he gloated at her pathetic contortions. After removing her shoes for a better view of the bare feet he still lusted after, Lena's nightmare left to assure that Danni was still secured. Maneuvering her chair closer to the window when she heard gardeners outdoor, Lena tried without success to attract attention.

Despite her denials, Lena's ex was convinced that she was hiding part of the money he'd left with her. He was also embittered that she'd found a new lover in Danni, so he brought them together in bondage to elicit a confession from Lena -- and to avenge his wounded ego. Bound in bath-towels and cleave-gagged, the apprehensive pair stood confined in a shower until they were ordered into a large sunken bathtub. There first Danni, then Lena, felt the towels slip off their bodies as they struggled until they were almost completely naked. 

Because Lena continued to deny that she was hiding any of his ill-gotten gain, she and Danni were moved to the latter's bedroom, where they were roped standing to a bedpost and pinned together with a rope tightened around their waists. Gagged with duct-tape, the nude lovers twisted awkwardly until their diabolical captor decreed a change of position that freed them from the post but shifted them into more humiliating restraint. Although Danni's hands remained tied behind her back, Lena stood behind her girlfriend so that her arms could be wrapped around Danni's waist and linked to the crotch-rope between her legs. After ordering Lena to tug on the rope, he laughed as the initially reluctant girls were unable to resist their erotic responses.

Their interlude of ambivalent pleasure ended when Lena and Danni were moved onto the bed where they sat facing each other against the headboard. Folded onto their hips by waist-ankle tethers, they edged closer when the vengeful intruder directed Lena to provide sensual entertainment since she refused to return his money. Unable to refuse, Lena and Danni pressed their breasts together and exchanged tape-gagged kisses, perhaps even deriving some consolation from their proximity. But after they rolled onto their sides and twisted awkwardly, Lena's ex presented her with a shocking ultimatum: If she didn't reveal where she'd hidden the money, he'd leave with Danni! Lena finally accepted her defeat and frantically signalled her surrender while writhing in rope. 

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