Harmony And Mackenzie: Paralegals In Bondage

Release Date: Mar.18.2019
Running Time: 0:50:51
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Harmony Wonder, Mackenzie Moss

Harmony Wonder was excited by her new job as a paralegal at a prestigious law firm. Harmony's emotions swung in a different direction when she was seized after returning home by a disguised operative; still dressed in her jacket, sweater and skirt, she was tightly bound, then gagged with cloth stuffing and duct-tape. Harmony then received the chilling information that she'd be held until the firm's senior attorney relinquished incriminating evidence to the hooded man's boss. Seated on her wooden coffee table, Harmony struggled nervously, then slipped off her heels and stood cautiously in her stockinged feet. Before she had a chance to make a hazardous escape attempt, the petite paralegal was confronted by the intruder, who decisively immobilized her by confining her in a ball-tie on the table.

Once Harmony was under control, the operative grabbed her colleague Mackenzie Moss as a second pawn to exchange for the evidence. After binding the slender blonde's hands behind her back, he tied a knotted black cloth between her lips; her black dress coiled with white rope, stunned Mackenzie sat tethered to a wooden bench. Twisting in ropes that refused to loosen, she soon noticed that the thug had overlooked her phone, which lay only a few feet away from her on the bench. Mackenzie twisted her bound body until she was able to reach out and handle the phone, but before she could send a message for help, the hooded figure returned and took it from her hands. Embarrassed by his blunder, the evil man moved Mackenzie up onto the bench and hitched her to its framework. Although the spirited paralegal kicked up her stockinged feet as she writhed in bondage, Mackenzie would remain trapped there until it was time for a reunion with Harmony.

Trussed up in her bra and panties and gagged with a white cloth, Mackenzie huddled in the bedroom corner behind a bureau. Her eyes widened when the dark figure brought helpless Harmony, who'd also been stripped to lingerie, into the room. After seating her little friend against a bedpost, he completed Harmony's bondage tying her ankles together, then left them to shared restraint. Mackenzie edged across the carpet and snuggled against Harmony, who returned her nervous gag-stifled murmurs while they writhed together. When the operative returned, he tethered his hostages to the post before moving his scheme along by removing Harmony's gag and ordering her to call the attorney and deliver a simple message: He'd get his two pretty little paralegals back in return for the damning evidence!

The operative was not surprised when his target tried to stall; the canny trial lawyer wanted more proof of his paralegal's plight before turning over the evidence. So their situation turned more perilous for Harmony and Mackenzie, who found themselves kneeling bound and tape- gagged on the bed, their naked bodies secured by ropes leading to a horizontal metal bar overhead. The nude girls leaned forward and tugged vigorously against the rope web snaring them, then settled back on their heels when it became clear that they were no match for the knots. Later, folded onto their hips and hitched to the bedposts, the powerless pair could only wait and hope that the exchange would soon take place.

The big-time attorney finally caved so the exchange was about to happen. But an experienced evildoer wasn't going to free his valuable hostages until every bit of the evidence was turned over and verified. So Mackenzie and Harmony remained in his custody, their small naked bodies roped to chairs and their voices muffled with cloth and duct-tape. The courageous paralegals had a surprise in store for their oppressor, however, because they managed to free their legs from rope, then ran in search of escape. But the twists and turns of the collection house bewildered the desperate girls until the irate villain cornered them. Their legs returned to bondage, Harmony and Mackenzie stood defeated until the efficient malefactor returned in a much happier mood. Even though his client had received the evidence and his despicable assignment was complete, instead of releasing the innocents he celebrated by leaving them hogtied on the floor for the law firm's security reps to find.

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