Barefoot Girls Bound In Beds And Tubs

Release Date: Mar.18.2019
Running Time: 0:57:47
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Paige Owens, Scarlett Bloom, Blair Watson, Charlotte Stokely

Scarlett Bloom's an enticing sight in a black crop-top and tight black jeans but the tall man sneaking up behind her is only interested in gagging sweet Scarlett with white tape, then binding her wrists and ankles with more of the same! After more tape's wrapped above and below her knees, the dark-haired captive wriggles nervously on her bed; rescue seems imminent when a friend arrives but perky Paige Owens receives the same tape treatment at the hands of the vigilant villain. It's not long before Paige, barefoot in top and jeans like Scarlett, is struggling next to her on the bed. Despite their vigorous co- operative efforts to free themselves, the tape proves far too sturdy for the unfortunate pair.

There's a familiar method to the bad man's madness -- he wants money. So Paige is freed and sent to drain an ATM of cash while poor Scarlett stays behind to ensure that the job gets done without a snitch. He's nice enough to temporarily free Scarlett from her bondage but mean enough to require a second act, so after she changes into a white top and blue jeans, her freedom is revoked. Bound now with duct-tape, Scarlett's placed in a large bathtub, where she's silenced with cloth stuffed between her lush lips and sealed in place with more silvery strips. Although Scarlett still has hopes of escaping and moves carefully around in the tub, she ends up lying on her side where she remains until Paige returns.

Lying stretched out on a bed in nothing but her pink panties, busty Blair Watson's in big trouble. Tape-gagged Blair's not giving up without a struggle so she rolls from side-to-side and yanks energetically against the ropes linking her wrists and ankles to opposing bedposts. We'll never know if the spunky young woman could have freed herself because Blair's bare feet are raised close to her hands in a hogtie that restricts her to futile arching and emphasizes her powerless plight.

Cornered by intruders who didn't expect her to be home, Charlotte Stokely offers them an easy way to deal with the problem -- "Just tie me up and gag me!" Charlotte even informs them, with a sparkle in her eyes, that there's plenty of rope available in her house. The suggestion seems reasonable so Charlotte, gorgeous in her tight blue dress, soon sits bound and tape- gagged on the floor. It's obvious that the blonde beauty's turned on by her restraint, which becomes more restrictive when her strappy sandals are removed and her legs folded by a waist- ankle tether. Twisting on her hip and kicking up her bare feet, Charlotte's in bondage heaven.

Blair can't believe that she's back in bondage again but the ropes and tape don't lie. Barefoot and clad in a short red dress, the buxom brunette sits trapped in a rope web on the edge of a large bathtub. During her struggles, Blair slides into the tub, where she continues waging a one-sided battle against the knotted coils that confine her limbs. Ordinarily a self- sufficient woman, Blair will need help to escape from this predicament.

Curled up on their bed in nearly-identical red bras and panties, Paige and Scarlett are in the mood for some naughty fun. So when Scarlett produces rope, her girlfriend's happy to become a bound plaything. Once she has Paige kneeling helpless before her, the exotic beauty dispenses with the bra and fondles a pair of rope-framed bare breasts. As her excitement grows, Scarlett tape-gags her gal-pal, then rolls Paige onto her stomach so she can tickle her bare soles and spank her inviting round bottom. But a very unexpected turn of events puts an end to Scarlett's dominant pleasures and leaves her squirming on her stomach next to Paige, both alluring young ladies securely hogtied! 

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