Roughed Up Valentine

Release Date: Mar.05.2018
Running Time: 0:50:7
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Tara Ashley

Tara Ashley planned to surprise her husband with a lethal Valentine's day present, but when the hired operative turned against her, the stunned wife found herself tied down on her bed! Stretched diagonally between two bedposts, wrists tied above her head and slender denim-clad legs attached at the bottom of the bed, Tara protested her betrayal until she was silenced by cloth stuffed between her lips and sealed in place with duct- tape. Tara strained futilely against her restraint until the treacherous man raised her top and pulled down her jeans, then subjected her bare breasts and pussy to prolonged ice-chip torment!

Relieved of the chilling ice-chips but stripped naked, Tara sat bound and struggling in a wooden chair; duct-tape once again sealed her lips. Before long, the lithe legs that had been roped together were separated and spread wide by linking her ankles to the chair's back legs. Humiliated by the blatant pussy exposure, Tara felt her shame increase when the evil man she'd allowed into her life casually fondled her breasts!

Back on the couch where she'd hatched her ill-conceived conspiracy, Tara lay securely trussed and tape-gagged, her body nude except for a pair of thong panties! As she rolled back and forth in a desperate effort to free herself from the oppressive ropework, Tara regretted the devious scheme that had turned against her; with her head on a pillow and her legs drawn up against her body, she hoped that she'd seen the last of her co- conspirator. But he had no intention of leaving such an alluring plaything, so Tara soon sat squirming on his lap while he teased her nipples!

Tara's ordeal continued after she was deprived of her panties and placed on the floor even more tightly bound; aggressively gagged with medwrap coiled around her head and layered with duct-tape, Tara rolled energetically on the carpet and kicked up her high-arched bare feet! After observing her provocative contortions, the arrogant man sat on the couch and pulled Tara up against his leg so he could once again dominate the powerless woman!

Her nude body webbed in rope from breasts to feet, Tara sat in an office- chair strategically placed in the kitchen. Frantic to escape her plight despite the odds against her, Tara writhed in the chair, eyes wide above the shining red ball spreading her lips! First leaning forward until her chin almost touched her knees, then folding her legs until her bare feet were drawn up onto the chair, the unhappy wife struggled frantically until her nemesis appeared with menacing forms of liquid refreshment! But save your sympathy -- after all, wasn't it Tara's idea to send a very unusual Valentine?

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