She Came To Work And Stayed To Struggle

Release Date: Mar.05.2018
Running Time: 0:50:20
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Valentina Nappi, Celeste Rasmussen, Maya Kendrick, Victoria June, Ryan Ryans

Although Valentina Nappi knew that she was taking a risk by testifying against a political power-broker, she didn't realize just how hazardous her position was. Her vulnerability became clear only after Valentina was accosted by a thug who tied her hands behind her back, stuffed cloth in her mouth and sealed it in place with duct-tape, then whisked her away to be held in bondage until the trial was over! Taut white ropes pinned the young businesswoman's black jacket against her curvaceous torso as she sat in shock on a battered mattress, her mobility negated by more coils of rope tightened around her pantyhose-clad legs. Refusing to submit abjectly, Valentina vigorously resisted her bonds, but the outcome was a still securely-bound captive wriggling bare-breasted in her stockinged feet!

Delicate little blonde Celeste Rasmussen seemed so meek and powerless as she sat in a large leather armchair, her soft white blouse and stockinged legs coiled with tan rope and her soft lips spread by a knotted gag! Celeste was determined to escape, however, so she slipped off her red pumps and wriggled onto the floor. But the intruder who'd detained her wasn't amused, so bare-breasted Celeste was left squirming on her side, legs tethered close to her body and lips more assertively sealed with duct-tape!

Only the most cold-hearted thief could fail to sympathize with innocent secretary Maya Kendrick, who looked so worried as she handed over papers from a wide-open safe. Unfortunately for Maya, it was just such a vicious criminal who had no qualms about trussing her up in her neat business suit and placing her on the floor, her long, stockinged legs pinned together with rope! Maya murmured anxiously as she chewed on a knotted black cleave and slipped out of her heels while struggling against unyielding bondage. Apparently unsatisfied with his successful theft, the lecherous perpetrator embarrassed Maya by exposing her breasts after she was folded onto her hip with a waist-ankle tether!

What a disillusionment for junior executive Victoria June, who discovered that her friend and mentor Guy DiSilva was a thief! And a ruthless one at that, willing to stuff cloth in Victoria's mouth and seal it with duct- tape after she was trussed-up in her office-chair, rather than allow her to sound the alarm! Victoria's unsavory enlightenment concluded when kinky Guy disheveled her conservative business suit to expose her voluminous breasts, then stole her heels as a trophy; hitched on her hip in stockinged feet, sadder but wiser Victoria strained against her rope web on the floor once he made his escape.

When novice operative Ryan Ryans was caught snooping, she was bound, blindfolded and interrogated as she sat on the floor; after she remained unco-operative a gag was tied between her lips! The blindfold slipped away as Ryan struggled but she remained snared in rope as she twisted and folded her legs against her body. Seeing a chance to escape if she could reach the front door, Ryan edged carefully across the hardwood floor in her sweater and skirt. Only a few feet from freedom, the desperate girl lay back, stretched out her legs and tried to open the door with her stockinged toes, but Ryan remained in a bind after her valiant attempt failed!

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