Pretty Girls Mouth Pretty Feet

Release Date: Mar.27.2017
Running Time: 0:39:20
Category: Foot Worship

Starring: Melody Wylde, Harley Jameson, Sara Liz, Rose Ballentine, Ashley Lane, Blair Williams

Perky little brunette Melody Wylde suggested to her leggy blonde housemate Harley Jameson that she might enjoy a foot massage. Harley had no objection, so she lay back on the couch while Melody handled one of her slender bare feet. When her mischievous friend began to suck on her toes, however, Harley was shocked at first. But when she relaxed and allowed Melody's eager lips and tongue to caress her toes and soles, Harley basked in deeply satisfying sensations! Happy to return the favor, she eagerly mouthed Melody's petite feet as that creative young lady purred her delight. 

Flame-haired Rose Ballentine was open to many sensual adventures but she refused to let kinky Sara Liz worship her slender bare feet. Sara simply refused to take "No" for an answer, so after she had Rose naked, bound and tape-gagged on the floor, her mouth moved hungrily over every square inch of Rose's soft foot-flesh! 

Ashley Lane was such an appealing damsel from her innocent eyes to her tender toes that Blair Williams couldn't resist packaging her naked in rope with a ball- gag added! While Ashley sat wide-eyed on the floor, Blair began her campaign of barefoot domination by teasing the squirming beauty's breasts and pussy, then pressing her soles against Ashley's face. But it was her plaything's wet mouth that drew Blair's most intensive attention after the ball-gag was removed; thrusting her toes deeply between Ashley's lips, before demanding that the bound girl lick her soles, she emphatically confirmed Ashley's foot-slavery!

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