Aiden And Whitney: Trusting Girls Gagged And Truss

Release Date: Oct.15.2018
Running Time: 0:48:2
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Aiden Ashley, Whitney Wright

Cousins Aiden Ashley and Whitney Wright were delighted by an unexpected large inheritance, but Aiden was much less happy to learn that naive Whitney had revealed the windfall to a stranger she met at the bank. Sure enough, when he paid a visit, the savvy cousin recognized him as a man who'd recently tried to con her. The situation deteriorated from there, with the recently enriched pair securely trussed, then gagged with mouth-stuffing and duct- tape. While the ruthless crook prepared their transportation to a location where he could continue his campaign of enrichment at leisure, Whitney and Aiden slid from couch to floor. As they struggled awkwardly, the curvaceous brunette attempted to loosen her slender cousin's bonds with her bare toes, then both began to wriggle out of the room; an annoyed villain complicated their already restrictive plight by adding a rope-link between their backs.

Far from home and stripped to bra and panties, Aiden was confined to wooden stocks while Whitney stood roped to a wooden post; both were momentarily silenced with cleave- gags. Their captor was determined to obtain signatures that would give him access to their newfound wealth, but Aiden had proved surprisingly resistant to his persuasion, so after he made a final unsuccessful attempt at intimidation, she switched places with her cousin. With Aiden bound to the post and tape-gagged, Whitney's stock-enslaved bare feet were at his mercy and a burst of tickling ended her resistance to his demands! Also tape-gagged, Whitney was left sadly restrained with Aiden as both nervously awaited the paperwork that would impoverish them.

As the devious scheme moved toward its conclusion, two unhappy cousins were held in naked bondage; Whitney was bound to a chair and held in place by an ankle tether while Aiden's lithe body contorted in rope on a small platform. Tape-gagged and desperate, they edged closer to each other in an effort to loosen the bonds that oppressed them, but Aiden slipped onto the floor, where she writhed on the hardwood. She was left there after Whitney replaced her on the platform, arching in the hogtie she'd received for her defiance; fortunately for them, suspicious bank officials ruined the plans of the vicious manipulator and rescue soon followed!

"Take off that dress, then I'm going to tie you up!" -- not words that Anny Aurora ever expected to hear, but ones that would resonate for a long time to come for this beautiful blonde. After she was bound in her bra and panties, Anny sat blindfolded as the remorseless woman stuffed cloth between her lips, then completed the gag with duct- tape. Stunned at first, Anny worked up the courage to strain against her bonds and lost the blindfold as she edged toward a nearby door. When she was caught in the act, however, Anny was folded on a couch, her long legs hobbled by a tether and her breasts bared by the unforgiving intruder!

Lily Adams put all her physical and personal charm on display with no clothes to interfere while she challenged some very efficient ropework! Lily was certain she could escape the bondage supplied by a friend, but as the little nude rolled around on the bed, she soon realized that loosening these tightly-knotted ropes would be no easy task. Encouraged by her friend's helpful suggestions, Lily shifted her body from side to back to stomach, a process that highlighted her sparkling brown eyes, tempting nipples, peach-colored toe- nails, arched soles, curvaceous bottom and pristine pussy. Did energetic Lily defeat her bondage? Only one way to find out! 

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