Scarlett And Penelope's Halloween Experience

Release Date: Nov.06.2017
Running Time: 0:49:34
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Scarlett Sage, Penelope Cross

Her friend Penelope Cross had promised that this expensive Halloween Experience would be a memorable one, but Scarlett Sage was unimpressed by what she'd seen so far. Costumed as a sexy student, Scarlett wandered into a junky little room and gazed contemptuously at the dubious antiques lining its walls; then she casually turned a beckoning doorknob and Scarlett was no longer bored! Her heart- rate soared as a skull-masked figure leapt out of the closet and seized her, then tied her hands behind her back! After gagging Scarlett with a black cloth and coiling black rope around her breasts, the menacing character pushed her onto the floor and hobbled her legs with more rope linking her knees, ankles and waist. Then, as wide- eyed Scarlett squirmed in disbelief, he loomed over her and opened her top; bare- breasted, bound and gagged, she struggled desperately until he suddenly scooped her up in his arms and carried her off!

The hard-working evildoer next confronted Penelope to assure that the fear- response sector of her brain would be sufficiently stimulated. As the enticing brunette put the finishing touches on a shiny blue stewardess costume in her bathroom, she was surprised by the masked monster, who used white rope to subdue her and pin the snug fabric even more tightly against her body! Also the recipient of a knotted black cleave, Penelope sat trembling on a small bench while the infernal intruder lurked nearby; then, suddenly, he sat down next to her, raised her legs onto his leather-clad knee and pulled the high heels off of her bare feet! After tickling her slender bare soles, the mysterious creature vanished and left Penelope straining against her bondage while trying to imagine where this Halloween Experience would lead next!

Two costumed friends sat side-by-side on a square black platform in the center of a dungeon setting, both securely bound, tape-gagged and blindfolded; although neither Scarlett or Penelope could see each other, each sensed that she was sharing this nerve-wracking plight with her friend. Any remaining doubts dissolved when their black-clad nemesis materialized to removed their blindfolds; the ropes subduing their small bodies and the black tape sealing their lips remained in place as they writhed against each other! To assure that the participants in this darkly spiritual experience received their money's worth, the masked master surprised them with a jolting change of position that left Penelope and Scarlett kneeling on the platform and supported by an overhead rope-to-chain link! As the perplexed pair twisted awkwardly, their demonic host gestured to nearby wooden stocks, a harbinger of torments to come.

The stocks held their first prey in the person of petite Scarlett, clothed only in her plaid skirt; hands cuffed above her head, she sat ball-gagged with her soft, red-nailed bare feet a vulnerable target in their wooden trap! Standing only a few feet behind her against the dungeon wall, Penelope was powerless to help her friend because she was bound and ball-gagged; her breasts thrust through two holes strategically cut in her costume! To Scarlett's dismay, their oppressor wasted no time in taking advantage of her restraint by tickling her soles until she squealed! Once their positions were switched and Penelope sat in the stocks, it was her feet that felt the wicked tickler's fingernails, but he couldn't resist a final tantalizing visit to Scarlett as she stood against the wall!

Although Scarlett and Penelope's costumes had vanished, their Halloween Experience wasn't over yet. Pinned on their backs to a narrow black table, the naked girls lay with their toe-tied bare feet touching and their hands tied together under their legs; once again, black tape muffled their whimpers! Of course, their foot- bottoms continued to tempt the spectre's fingers, but his final trick treated Penelope and Scarlett to a rope-and-chain arrangement that raised their legs high in the air. They were mercifully freed from his ruthless domination when he abandoned them, but the exhausted friends were left in an uncomfortable predicament that permanently ruined Halloween for them!

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