Britney And Veronica: Barmaids In Bondage

Release Date: Apr.09.2018
Running Time: 0:40:55
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Britney Amber, Veronica Kirei

When barmaid Veronica Kirei began to suspect that her boss was engaged in money-laundering, she did some discreet investigating, then asked colleague Britney Amber to join her late one night at the bar so they could discuss the situation. Before she could meet with Britney, however, colorfully- costumed Veronica was seized by a man in black who tied her wrists behind her and gagged her with duct-tape after stuffing cloth in her mouth! Once he'd coiled a long rope around her chest to pin down her arms, Veronica was left seated alone at a table, but when the courageous girl tried to run, the hooded intruder caught her and tied her ankles together. The forbidding man soon made it clear to Veronica that her snooping had been a bad mistake, one that both she and Britney would pay for! Although he allowed the panicky barmaid to struggle against her bondage on the hardwood floor, when he heard Britney approaching, Veronica was pulled to her feet and hidden in a closet!

Veronica was nowhere in sight when her friend entered the bar, so Britney began to sense that something was wrong -- an instintive reaction unpleasantly proved right when she was seized and bound by the same fearsome figure who'd subdued Veronica! Her voluptuous torso barely contained by her costume, Britney protested noisily before her voice was muffled by a knotted black cleave. After her shoes were removed, the trembling girl stood balancing on her black-stockinging feet in the corner near a dart-board; edging carefully next to the wall, Britney pressed her head against it when she heard Veronica's faint whimpers! She received the same message as her friend about the perils of curiosity before being folded onto her hip on the floor, where she squirmed awkwardly until her massive rope- framed breasts were exposed!

The sinister figure promised the stunned subjects of his operation that they'd be united and he proved as good as his word once Veronica and Britney sat nervously next to each other on top of the wooden bar. Securely bound and tape- gagged, their ankles tethered to the metal bar-rail, the powerless barmaids moved cautiously and communicated imperfectly through their gags. Britney and Veronica grew increasingly aware of their vulnerability when the leering man pulled down their tops, then phoned his client to shamelessly report on their bare- breasted struggles! The campaign of intimidation took a different direction after their legs were spread and ankles roped back behind the bar, allowing the arrogant evildoer to indulge in pantyhose-peeking!

His vicious assignment nearly completed, the black-hearted man strode cockily around Britney and Veronica, who'd been stripped of their costumes and roped naked to a booth's wooden post! One after another, he raised a phone to their mouths so they could assure their boss that they'd forget any ridiculous ideas about money-laundering. Their voices no longer required, he followed by ball- gagging first Britney, then Veronica, before slipping away, undoubtedly full of pride for a job well-done. All that the nude barmaids could accomplish for the remainder of a long night was to twist and turn on their bare feet and fervently wish they'd never tried to run their own investigation.

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