Business Bondage Betrayal

Release Date: Apr.09.2018
Running Time: 0:59:48
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Phoebe Queen, Veronica Kirei, Britney Amber, Veronica Kirei, Emma Hix, Charlotte Stokely, Summer Brooks

Who'd ever guess that timid little Phoebe Queen was actually quite an accomplished corporate spy? When Phoebe was caught in the act by an agent trailing her, the bespectacled brunette was promptly trussed up, gagged with duct- tape and left on the floor in front of the desk she'd tried to breach. After resourceful Phoebe's attempt to contact her associate by using a phone left on the desk backfired, she lost her glasses and was subjected to breast-baring humiliation! Her mobility severely compromised after her small-stockinged feet were tethered close to her hip, Phoebe began to regret her commitment to espionage!

Veronica Kirei ran but she couldn't hide! After intruders discovered fearful Veronica huddling in her bathroom, she stood roped to to the towel-rack and tape- gagged. As her ordeal escalated, Veronica's breasts were bared and she rose on stockinged toes once her shoes were removed. The harrowing experience concluded with Veronica curled up on the floor, her long legs folded close to her body by yet another rope!

As a receptionist for an employer who rarely had visitors, Emma Hix didn't have much to do. So vivacious blonde Emma offered a cheerful welcome when one did appear; to her consternation, he responded with ropes coiled around her slender body and cloth tied between her lips! Never having been bound and gagged before, wide- eyed Emma twisted uncertainly in her chair while murmuring meekly. After successfully concluding his intimidating encounter with Emma's shady boss, the ominous visitor celebrated by lowering the barefoot receptionist onto the floor, where she sat hitched to her desk in bewildered restraint.

Britney Amber was delighted to bring Veronica Kirei into her company, so she suggested they celebrate their new arrangement with a few drinks at a local dive bar. Their pleasant late-night tippling was rudely interrupted when thieves lured by rumors of a cash-packed safe took over the bar; their black business-suits embraced by tightly-knotted white rope and their lips sealed by duct-tape, Veronica and Britney sat stunned in their booth! Because the burglars had more trouble than expected cracking the safe, they entertained themselves by humiliating the trussed-up executives; breasts bared and stockinged feet exposed, Britney and Veronica writhed indignantly while the thieves laughed at their contortions! Finally relieved of the embarrassing attention, the powerless pair curled up on the hardwood floor, where they expended all their energy in futile efforts to free themselves.

Ambitious executive assistant Summer Brooks was certain that her boss would be impressed by the research she'd done on a potential investor in their company. Imagine Summer's surprise then, when CEO Charlotte Stokely's very negative reaction left her seated on the desk, her neat white blazer circled by tan rope and a knotted black cloth snug between her lips! The bound and gagged little assistant shivered as she heard Charlotte phone that shady investor with a request for him to solve her Summer problem! But the sexy blonde CEO was soon stunned by a nasty surprise of her own when the investor arrived to inform her that he was taking over the company so her services were no longer required! Seated next to Summer, stylish Charlotte strained angrily against rope and chewed on an even thicker black cleave! After slipping off their heels, both businesswomen edged off the desk and balanced carefully in their stockinged feet as they watched for an opportunity to escape, but the odds were stacked against them.

Once sinister investor Dmitri had completed his very unfriendly takeover of the company, he had a problem -- what do do with former CEO Charlotte and her assistant Summer? As a temporary solution, he relocated them far from their office; deprived of their blazers, breasts bared, the apprehensive executives sat tied and tape- gagged in wooden chairs. Despite Charlotte's treachery, Summer had no choice but to cooperate with her if they'd have any chance to free themselves, so they slipped onto the floor. Seated back to back, they tugged patiently at each other's wrist bonds as Charlotte pressed her stockinged toes against the wall but the frustrated pair remained securely bound! Rolling onto their sides, the bound and gagged women lay huddled together, unable to do more than hope for a rescuer to appear.

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