Nella Jones: A Natural Hostage

Release Date: Feb.24.2020
Running Time: 0:46:5
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Nella Jones

Nella Jones is such a lovely secretary, one whose beauty isn't at all diminished by the ropes tightened around her light blue blouse or the white cloth tied between her lips. Nella's a fighter too, so she twists in her chair and raises bound legs against her desk but all she gains is a rope web across her skirt pinning her to the chair. With her sandalled bare feet secured under the chair by another rope-link, Nella's mobility is primarily limited to her expressive eyes and flowing blonde hair. 

Well, what do you know -- Nella's in trouble again! Trussed-up on her bed in hot-pink shorts and a tight white crop-top, her eyes sparkle above a microfoam tape-gag while she aggressively resists the bondage. First stretching out her legs, then folding them close to her hip, Nella pits her slender body against knotted ropes whose restrictive power ensures that she'll remain helpless. As a final reminder that Nella's going nowhere anytime soon, she's rolled onto her stomach and hogtied, a position that offers a fine view of the luscious struggler's fresh bare soles.

Don't worry, Nella, you don't have to deal with that oppressive rope this time -- but duct-tape's another matter! After she's trapped in a small room filled with leftover Christmas decorations, Nella sits on the floor in a barely-there top and distressed jeans; she soon shares the distress when she's ordered to bind her ankles and gag herself with the silver tape. Once her wrists are taped behind her back and her arms are pinned by a snug coil around her chest, Nella's the delectable poster-girl for tape bondage as she squirms bare-breasted on the floor after her top is folded down.

Inevitably Nella loses her clothing, then her lithe pink body receives ropework treatment that places her standing at attention in the corner of a barren room. The feisty tape- gagged nude tries to hop away across the hardwood floor but her athleticism is negated by connection to an overhead chain that leaves her twisting on her toes. Nella's eyes widen when she makes the acquaintance of another rope, one that circles her waist, then extends downward until it settles comfortably between her pussy-lips; do Nella's contortions grant her at least a few sensual pleasures? 

Time for Nella to take a trip, although the means of conveyance disappoint the lovely traveler, whose wrists, ankles and knees are pinned together by black zip-ties. Stashed in the rear compartment of an SUV, Nella strains carefully against the hard plastic bonds while expressing her concern with gag-stifled murmurs. Her efforts to slip out of the vehicle prove futile, of course, and end with Nella lying barefoot and bare-breasted as it drives away. 

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