Bondage Playgirls Taste Their Own Medicine

Release Date: Aug.19.2019
Running Time: 0:55:38
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Mackenzie Moss, Savannah Sixx

There's nothing hot girlfriends Mackenzie Moss and Savannah Sixx enjoy more than some bondage play to liven up their bedtime. Both clad in shiny turquoise nighties, they gleefully reminisced about displaying their rigging skills at a recent party, where everyone had laughed at the awkward squirming of a female guest they'd tied and gagged. Then it was time for Mackenzie to do some struggling of her own once she knelt in rope, tethered to the bed's headboard. After Savannah bared her breasts and began licking her nipples, the bound blonde pretended to call for help; her playmate responded with cloth-stuffing and duct-tape, then snaked her fingers under the panties of her silenced prey. Mackenzie's pussy received a friendly massage before she she was placed on her stomach, ankles hitched to the headboard so that her sensitive bare soles were left vulnerable to Savannah's fingernails. Tickling inevitably ensued, followed by discipline vigorously applied to Mackenzie's round bottom by her energetic friend's hand.

Mackenzie was hungry for a taste of her girlfriend's breasts, so once they changed places and Savannah was tied down on the bed, she wasted no time in baring them and applying her tongue while straddling the dark-haired temptress. As Savannah tugged against ropes pinning her wrists to the headboard, Mackenzie turned her attention to her wriggling playmate's bare feet, which were conveniently secured to the lower end of the bed. Lying on her stomach, the fun- loving tormentor zestfully tickled Savannah's soles but added some oral tribute to her toes as well before exploring the area between her legs. Mackenzie had barely begun to handle Savannah's panties when their games were interrupted by a visitor whose identity stunned the bondage-loving couple.

The woman they'd tied up at the party had been deeply humiliated by the amusement her struggling had caused so she carefully plotted her revenge. Caught off-guard, Mackenzie and Savannah were bound hand and foot, then sat roped together at the waist on the bed where they'd been happily playing, their eyes wide and worried above the duct-tape sealing their lips. After the nighties were yanked down to expose their breasts, the angry woman taunted these helpless girls she'd come to hate, then relished their hesitant movements in bondage no longer designed for fun. If Savannah and Mackenzie needed any further evidence that their nemesis planned some serious payback, a pair of hogties confirmed her hostility. Arching with futile intensity at first, they rolled onto their sides and murmured apprehensively while waiting for the next act of her vendetta.

It arrived in the form of stark nude restraint that placed Mackenzie and Savannah standing side-by-side and supported by a pair of ropes to an overhead chain. The stunned friends wore ball-gags that caused considerable drooling, much to the delight of the woman who had devoted so much effort to preparing their humiliation. Turning uncertainly as they balanced cautiously on their bare feet, Savannah and Mackenzie had no choice but to obey when she ordered them to lean close and press their breasts together. An act that would have been pleasurable under different circumstances became embarrassing under the eyes of the pitiless woman.

Moved to a mattress and relieved of their ball-gags, the bound nudes knelt as they listened hopefully to a woman whose vengeful mission seemed to be complete. But she callously retracted her offer to untie them, then quieted their indignant responses with transparent tape and ordered them to remain on their knees. Mackenzie and Savannah twisted uncomfortably in that precarious position until they were temporarily neglected and lay back on the mattress while desperately attempting to loosen their bonds. Failure left them curled up against the wall, where they huddled pathetically until she informed them of her plan's diabolical climax.

Savannah and Mackenzie no longer shivered in nude restraint but blouses and skirts provided no comfort after they were moved to their workplace late at night. The woman they'd once thoughtlessly subjected to bondage completed her payback campaign by leaving them bound and gagged in the office where they'd be found by co-workers in the morning. Mackenzie sat on the floor, her back against a desk while Savannah was seated on a couch nearby; their ankles were linked by a rope that was also hitched to a couch-leg and both were gagged with knotted black cloths. Before abandoning her enemies, she couldn't resist opening their blouses for a last touch of breast exposure, then replaced their gags with microfoam tape. Once she was gone, the unfortunate office-workers rolled onto the floor and frantically thrashed against the knotted ropes that continued to secure them. Was it likely Savannah and Mackenzie would avoid their titillating discovery a few hours later?

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