Sexy Starlets' Sapphic Submission

Release Date: Aug.19.2019
Running Time: 0:53:51
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Harmony Wonder, Lexi Lore

With their acting careers on the rise, Harmony Wonder and Lexi Lore notified their agent that they were moving to a large agency that could boost them to the top. Because he resented their disloyalty -- and because he'd stolen the substantial amount of money they'd entrusted him to invest -- the desperate man decided that Harmony and Lexi would perform in unusual roles that required no memorization of lines before he took off for parts unknown. While he consulted an associate about quickly finding an appropriate script, Harmony and Lexi were required to sit quietly on the couch; their co-operation was ensured by taut ropework and cloth stuffed in pretty mouths that were then sealed with duct-tape. The indignant little actresses didn't accept restraint calmly but failed to alter their outrageous predicament by twisting strenuously on the couch. In preparation for his shameful production, the treacherous agent auditioned Lexi and Harmony's breasts by opening the tops of their stylish garments

The theme of the sleazy agent's venture into exploitation film- making emerged after Harmony was stripped to her panties, then sat tied-up and mouthing a knotted black cloth on a wooden table. Lexi was ordered to fondle her bound and gagged friend and although she proceeded reluctantly, her hands soon caressed Harmony's rope-framed breasts and her fingers teased a pair of stiff nipples. Those long- nailed fingers vibrated against even more sensitive flesh after Harmony was placed on her stomach and hogtied; Lexi seemed to take some pleasure in tickling the petite brunette's soft bare soles, then began to lick her toes without direction. Lexi's domination of Harmony concluded as she efficiently swatted her vulnerable bottom.

Turnabout's fair play and something any audience would desire so wide-eyed blonde Lexi's dominant run came to a decisive halt. Panty-clad, trussed-up and cleave-gagged, she sat meekly in a wooden chair while Harmony calmly fondled shapely breasts held in place by a snug rope-web. After briefly slipping her fingers between Lexi's legs, Harmony moved to the floor so she could pay extended attention to a pair of slender bare feet, tickling and toe-sucking as her helpless friend wriggled. Rising up, Harmony boldly straddled Lexi, removed her gag and planted kisses on her lips; though he appreciated the sentiment, the agent-director admonished Harmony for stripping the cloth from Lexi's mouth, then replaced it with microfoam tape. Once the bound blonde was appropriately silenced, he watched in satisfaction while the dark-haired straddler teased Lexi's nipples before her hand again strayed down to a panty- covered pussy.

The captive actresses were performing beautifully as lesbian playgirls until an abrupt costume change turned them into classic damsels in distress. Bound, tape-gagged and blindfolded, they sat next to each other on the floor, Harmony dressed in a black jacket, skirt and heels, while Lexi wore a blouse, short pink skirt and matching flats. As they strained intensively against the ropework, their blindfolds loosened and fell to the floor; after murmuring back and forth, they kicked off their shoes and began to edge away from the wall where they'd been placed. But Lexi lost her balance and rolled onto her side during this pathetic attempt to escape, then the creative director decreed a climax to the scene that would accentuate their plight. Hogtied on the hardwood floor, Harmony and Lexi arched desperately and flexed their bare feet while the vengeful agent savored their wide-eyed contortions.

Released from their hogties but deprived of their clothing, the naked pair sat tied and tape-gagged on the table where Lexi had played with Harmony. At first they remained side-by-side, colorful bare toes pointed on the floor, but as time passed the two anxious starlets twisted nervously on top of the table; after Harmony curled up on her hip, Lexi leaned against her and they relied on mutual support. Their final position, however, trapped Lexi and Harmony face-to-face, legs wrapped around each other and ankles tied. Provocatively straddling, their undulations were devoted less to loosening their bonds than to erotic arousal as they pressed taped lips together and moved toward an even closer embrace. Harmony and Lexi were totally focused on ramping up the excitement until the man they'd almost forgotten about sarcastically thanked them for such committed performances in his hasty production, before disappearing and leaving his former clients to escape at their leisure.

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