Worried Women Restrained By Ropes

Release Date: May.01.2017
Running Time: 0:46:14
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kristen Scott, Loren Chance, Ivy Wolfe, Ashley Lane, Stella Cox, Angelina Bonnet, Misty Lovelace

It's all in a night's work for cat-burglar Loren Chance to bind and gag sweet student Kristen Scott while on the prowl for loot! Of course, the wicked cat can't resist removing Kristen's shoes as she sits powerless on her bed so she can tickle those small, white- socked feet. Nor does she fail to indulge her lust for bare-breast fondling after unbuttoning Kristen's jacket and blouse. But when Loren grows careless after leaving her prey in bondage, petite Kristen manages to free herself, then inflicts a dire humiliation on the complacent cat. Gagged with the same tape she used on Kristen and hogtied with the same rope, Loren arches desperately while the smart student smirks and calls the cops!

Ivy Wolfe's relief at returning home turns to alarm when an intruder welcomes her with ropework! Confined to a chair in bondage and silenced with a tape- gag, wide-eyed and energetic Ivy mumbles her objections while the uninvited visitor makes herself at home. When the bored female fugitive searches for diversion, Ivy's top opens wide, her platform sandals disappear and she's secured even more rigidly to the chair; bare-breasted and barefoot, the hapless homeowner strains desperately for her guest's silent amusement!

Exquisite Ashley Lane's in tight trouble once again, kneeling nude, bound and ball- gagged on the floor while those compelling eyes plead for release from her ordeal! Sorry, Ashley, the fun's just getting started, though you're forgiven for not laughing when you're folded over a small black cube and snugly roped to it. Ashley won't be rising from her knees anytime soon, but despite her submissive position she courageously tests the ropework and raises her arched bare soles!

Under different circumstances, Stella Cox's form-fitting, flower- print dress and Angelina Bonnet's bright red, polka-dot number would be the main topic of conversation. But Stella and Angelina aren't really capable of conversing because of their duct- tape gags and their appealing garments are trumped by the ordinary but tightly-knotted white ropes that coil around them! The unseen evildoers who've seated them backs to the wall on the floor find the view of Angelina and Stella's bare feet in sandals unsatisfying, so the footwear's removed, then the bound and gagged pair are tethered on their hips. Blonde and brunette continue to battle their restraint until Stella tumbles awkwardly onto Angelina's lap, trapping both in immobilized togetherness!

You can't blame Misty Lovelace for looking so forlorn; after all, the curvy little starlet's literally cornered with very little chance of improving her situation! The ropes are tight around her striped top, her ankles are also tied and a knotted white cleave spreads bright-red lips that were made for pouting! Just in case Misty doesn't feel sufficiently restricted, she's soon lowered onto the floor and her legs folded tight against her body with a waist-ankle tether. Whimpering softly, Misty strains against the oppressive ropes and futilely flexes her small bare feet! 

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