Undercover Perils

Release Date: Sep.23.2019
Running Time: 0:43:36
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Eden Wells, Vanessa Sky

Espionage intrigue pits Eden Wells against Vanessa Sky while the spymaster seems quite happy to maneuver both into bondage.

After outlining his plan to gain villainess Vanessa's trust, the wily spy chief overpowers heroine Eden and ties her hands behind her back. Although she understands his motive, the beautiful blonde doesn't appreciate the realistic restraint that secures her on a chair and the duct-tape sealing her lips. Eden's irritation and alarm grows when Vanessa returns to celebrate her victory in the battle of the spies; fondling and straddling her bound and gagged rival, the wicked brunette gloats while Eden seethes.

Vanessa's so focused on humiliating Eden that she doesn't notice that sly spymaster sneaking up behind her; soon it's her turn to be controlled by rope and tape- gagged as she sits squirming angrily on the floor. But Eden's freedom doesn't last long, as she exchanges one set of ropes for another and is placed next to her enemy by the man in charge. Barefoot like Vanessa, her elegant decorative dress contrasts with the dark- haired spy's tight top and shorts while the hostile pair writhes side-by-side. Despite their mutual enmity, Eden and Vanessa grudgingly attempt to loosen each other's bonds by turning back- to-back, a frustrating interaction that's interrupted by the vigilant operative.

The spy drama continues when the rivals are moved to a bed after changes that clothe Eden in a sleeveless top and yoga pants but deprive Vanessa of all except a semi- transparent teddy. The trussed-up and tape-gagged couple struggle with futile effect until Vanessa's lying with her head in Eden's lap, then the puppetmaster decides to separate them by the addition of rope-links that fold their legs. Rolling on their sides and stomachs, the powerless women await the decision that will reveal which one he truly favors.

It's Eden, of course, and once the charade has concluded with Vanessa's exposure, the generous spymaster allows his ally to avenge her earlier domination by the exotic beauty. After Vanessa's more literally exposed, Eden ties and tape-gags the naked girl, pushes her onto a chair, then gives her a taste of her own embarrassing medicine. When Eden's satisfied with the payback she's achieved, Vanessa's left to strain desperately against the rope web pinning her to the chair, shamefully aware that she's the loser in this undercover game.

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