Not Quite What I Expected

Release Date: Jun.05.2017
Running Time: 0:37:59
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Valentina Nappi, Ivy Wolfe

Fan-girl Ivy Wolfe would have been delighted to spend time with starlet Valentina Nappi -- if they weren't bound and gagged!

Ivy won a contest whose prize was a meeting with Valentina; the first few moments she spent with her idol were thrilling until an angry former associate of the star made a shocking intrusion! Trapped in his shady financial scheme, wide-eyed Ivy watched as the raven-haired exotic starlet sat tied and tape-gagged on the floor in her tight minidress! Before long, Ivy's restraint, like Valentina's became literal and the vivacious girl writhed next to her idol in a colorful sundress, her bare feet wriggling in strappy sandals!

When Valentina refused to co-operate with the greedy man, she and Ivy were compelled to experience togetherness that even her biggest fan found unsettling -- stripped naked, they were trussed up and dumped on a bed! Their rope-oppressed nude bodies slithered inches away from each other as they attempted to escape until hogties effectively immobilized Ivy and Valentina!

Valentina's resistance to her former friend's demands led him to place the tape-gagged and naked women in a position designed for maximum humiliation. Chair-bound with her legs spread wide, the stubborn starlet had to sit motionless while Ivy, who'd been tied on the floor facing her, hesitantly raised her head until it was inches away from Valentina's exposed pussy! Despite the vicious man's orders, Ivy undermined the distasteful tableau he'd created by lying back on the floor, where she twisted awkwardly until Valentina put an end to a battle she couldn't win by surrendering!

Ivy was ready for a happy ending to the nerve-shattering day, so after being untied she put her clothes back on while Valentina left to arrange the massive payment required by the man still holding her innocent fan. But disillusionment was about to devastate the naive girl -- Valentina reneged on her promise to ensure Ivy's release! Enraged by the failure of his scheme, the empty- handed man refused to release Ivy, instead stuffing her mouth with cloth and wrapping a microfoam gag around her head! Left bound with microfoam and duct-tape, the saddened Ivy strained in powerless solitude on the bed where she'd lain close to her fallen idol such a short time before! 

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