Innocent Women Tied-Up And Tape-Gagged

Release Date: Apr.22.2019
Running Time: 0:46:29
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Sophia Lux, Lola Pearl, Paige Owens, Blair Watson, Vanna Bardot, Mackenzie Moss

Sophia Lux loves mystery novels so it was only appropriate that the blonde bibliophile was curled up on the couch reading one when thieves came calling. To her dismay, Sophia became the unhappy star of an at- home thriller once she was tied hand and foot and made the unwelcome acquaintance of a cloth-stuffing- and-duct-tape gag. Exotic housemate Lola Pearl received the same treatment when she arrived, then she and Sophia sat next to each other on the couch; before long, their rope- framed bare breasts served as a pleasant diversion for the intruders. After their unwelcome guests departed, barefoot Sophia wriggled in a hogtie on the couch while shoeless Lola twisted dramatically on the floor.

Already tied up in her silky pink robe, feisty Paige Owens tried to voice her objections but was silenced with mouth stuffing held in place by a wide cloth gag. Paige twisted tirelessly on the chair where she'd been placed, her resistance growing even more intense after the robe was opened to bare her breasts and pantieless mid-section. Pinned to the chair with yet another rope coil, Paige kicked up her bare feet in frustration until they balanced on the seat close to her bottom.

Such a pleasant day, thought Blair Watson, so before heading outdoors why not relax and enjoy the sunshine in that nice wide window-seat? But it was difficult for Blair to relax after a shocking development left her tape-gagged and tightly bound in her snug red dress. Sitting in the formerly pleasant nook, barefoot Blair twisted indignantly, emotions that surged substantially after her breasts were exposed.

Attired in decorative bra and panties, buxom Blair fell prey a second time to the restrictive power of knotted rope, then sat bound and tape-gagged on a wooden chair. Blair's eyes widened in disbelief after her breasts were exposed; fueled by indignation, she pulled on the rope hitching her to the chair until she freed her ankles. But Blair remained under the control of her bondage despite zealous exertions that left her rolling around on the floor.

It's fair to say that the day was not going well for Vanna Bardot and Mackenzie Moss. Tape-gagged and bound hand and foot, the two enticing little nudes sat struggling next to each other on the edge of their bed. When the powerless pair appeared unwilling to accept their oppression by rope, they were placed facedown on the bed, where Vanna kicked up her bare feet against the tether pinning her legs to the headboard while Mackenzie contended unsuccessfully with her hogtie. 

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