Nice Girls With Bondage Problems

Release Date: Jun.05.2017
Running Time: 0:49:28
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Jenna Sativa, Penny Pax, Giselle Palmer, Janna Hicks, Alice Goods, Sara Brown, Janet Bradley

Attired in a dazzling red bodysuit, gloves and mask, playful Jenna Sativa was looking for a superheroine adventure but encountered a more formidable opponent than she'd bargained for. After struggling tied and tape-gagged as she sat on a lounge, resourceful Jenna slipped out of her heels and hopped barefoot to the door! Her escape was thwarted, however, and after her breasts were bared, Jenna was tethered to the lounge, where she arched her bare soles and round bottom as she wriggled on her stomach!

Someone had been watching Penny Pax and when the right moment came - - late at night when the little redhead was clad in a short nighty -- his admiration caused Penny to struggle in bondage on her bed! The intruder also brought enough rope and tape for Giselle Palmer, so Penny's pretty blonde housemate soon sat bound and gagged beside her. After conducting a visual inspection of their rope-framed breasts, he focused on two pairs of toe-tied bare feet once the tape-gagged pair were arching in hogtied desperation!

B-movie starlet Janna Hicks took charge by turning her director's fleeting scene with flimsy ropework into an eye-catching bondage event focused on her thrusting breasts! Sitting tightly tied and cleave-gagged in pink bra and panties, Janna emoted compellingly both before and after her straining orbs were liberated from the bra! Barefoot Janna completed her prize-worthy performance as a heroine in peril by sliding onto the floor where she twisted and whimpered until the final cut!

Nearly six-feet tall in her heels, Alice Goods appeared to be a formidable blonde beauty. But pinned to a long-legged chair by the white rope tightened around her short black dress and tape-gagged, Alice gave off a very different vibe! When her shoes were removed and her legs raised by a rope-chain link, Alice was momentarily confused by this alteration until a bare-sole tickling left her reeling and squealing!

It was just a random happening, a bad break for Sara Brown and Janet Bradley that the two attractive colleagues were on a lunch break when they ran into a pair of female desperadoes who needed a change of attire. That's why, soon after the encounter, Sara and Janet sat on a bed in bras and panties, their bodies immobilized by rope and their lips spread by knotted black cleave- gags! Mumbling hopefully to each other and awkwardly straining to free themselves, the bound and gagged women rolled onto their stomachs and kicked up their bare feet but escape proved maddeningly elusive! 

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