Bad Bodyguard

Release Date: May.27.2019
Running Time: 0:49:48
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Alexis Tae, Vina Sky

Wealthy heiress Vina Sky's bodyguards have done a lousy job protecting her because she keeps getting tied up and gagged! But Vina's impressed by the new woman on the job -- tall, lithe and athletic, Alexis Tae is well-suited for her assignment; she's also quite the sight in a tight black crop-top, booty shorts, stay-up stockings and high- heeled sandals. The man who grabs Alexis, however, is interested only in keeping her under control, which he succeeds in doing with plenty of white rope, mouth- stuffing and tape. Once the bodyguard's in bondage, it's easy for him to overpower petite Vina, who also gets a mouthful of cloth and a tape-gag to go along with the rope binding her small body. As they struggle next to each other on the floor, Vina glares at yet another failed bodyguard; all that the regretful Alexis can do is to apologize with her eyes.

Stripped and tape-gagged, Vina and Alexis stand uneasily until the man responsible for their humiliation orders the disgraced bodyguard to pick up her tiny client and carry her into the room. After their naked bodies are bound, the apprehensive young women sit side-by-side on a couch straining against rope and rubbing their taped mouths together. Impatient Vina then slips off the couch and onto her knees so that Alexis can pluck at the knots pinning her wrists with bare toes. Despite their ingenuity, the trussed- up nudes fail to loosen their bonds, so they both roll in frustrated futility on the carpet.

After the darkly-humorous man allows his pawns partial coverage of their nudity with sleeveless tops, tied and tape-gagged Vina's seated in a wooden chair. Sitting next to her, Alexis is ordered to make a phone call relevant to their situation, then she's treated to identical ropework and tape. When the bound girls move more freely during their contortions than their captor appreciates, the chairs are turned back-to-back so that Alexis and Vina can be pinned together with a tight rope around their waists and another link between their ankles.

Alexis and Vina can't elude bondage peril no matter where they are. Trapped in an office, the brunette businesswomen sit next to each other on a hardwood floor in neat jackets, blouses, skirts and shiny high heels; plenty of white rope limits their mobility while strips of white tape diminish their noise-making ability. After spirited efforts to escape their knotted restraint fail, the bound and gagged friends slip off their heels, but their awkward maneuvers end with Alexis stuck behind Vina, who's lying on her side and kicking up her little bare feet.

Naked again, bound hand and foot, gagged with microfoam tape, Vina and Alexis huddle together on the carpet; although they twist back and forth, then curl up onto their hips, escape remains beyond their grasp. Freedom becomes even less likely after Alexis and Vina are placed onto their stomachs so that wrists and ankles can be hitched together. Hogtied and helpless, the failed bodyguard and her unlucky client squirm facedown, still hoping for a rescuer to appear.

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