Business Bondage Vendettas

Release Date: May.14.2018
Running Time: 0:47:56
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Lola Pearl, Jayde Symz, Eliza Ibarra, Harmony Wonder, Riley Star, Emily Willis

Lola Pearl managed to hide the thumb-drive she'd been entrusted with before menacing intruders broke in and seized her. When they demanded the invaluable device, Lola bravely denied any knowledge of its location, then lay bound and gagged on her bed while her house was tossed. As she maneuvered uncomfortably on the bed, Lola prayed that the sneering operatives would fail to find the thumb's hiding place. But the experienced thugs soon returned with their prize and punished Lola's defiance by replacing her cleave-gag with tape and hogtying her. Long after they were gone, Lola writhed on her stomach and arched her stockinged feet as her long hair fell onto her shoulders!

When plucky Jayde Symz confronted a corrupt colleague at the luxurious home he'd built with embezzled funds, the naive junior executive had no idea she was walking into a trap. Seized by rival Eliza Ibarra, petite Jayde stood bound to a post on an outdoor patio, her lips spread by a black cleave, and trembled as Eliza towered over her! After Jayde's pink blouse was opened to bare her breasts, Eliza happily fondled them and teased her nipples, then removed her captive's shoes so she could menace her small stockinged feet with spiked heels! But Eliza's ruthless domination came to an abrupt end when an alert friend of Jayde's came to the rescue.

Jayde relished the opportunity to avenge her humiliation once Eliza changed places with her; standing trussed to the post in her stockinged feet and mouthing a black cloth gag, the tall brunette nervously eyed her former plaything. Before turning Eliza over to the law, Jayde received payback with interest, first opening her jacket and top so she could indulge in breast-play, then menacing her bound enemy's wriggling feet! Creative Jayde left after yanking down Eliza's pin- striped skirt around her ankles so that the struggling girl's pantyhosed limbs were fully exposed.

Grabbed by enemies of her employer to use as a bargaining chip, bespectacled intern Harmony Wonder curled up on the mattress where she'd been deposited and told to stay quiet. When Harmony defied orders and tried to call for help on her phone, her plight was drastically altered by tight ropework and a knotted cleave-gag! Neatly packaged in her jacket, skirt, pantyhose and heels, Harmony battled her bondage unsuccessfully; the diminutive captive was most emphatically overmatched after her gag was replaced with duct-tape, her shoes were removed to reveal blue- nailed stockinged feet and her small body arched in a hogtie!

As tiny barefoot blonde Riley Star sat tied and tape-gagged on the floor, her mobility further limited by a tether to the stairway railing behind her, she listened apprehensively as an unbalanced intruder ranted against housemate Emily Willis. Terminated after his former colleague reported a theft of office funds, he was obsessed with the need to avenge himself against Emily, a scheme he began to carry out once she returned home. Tan rope tautly-coiled around her stylish white jacket and dark tape sealing her lips, the dark-haired beauty sat next to Riley, shivering under his ominous taunts. While he left to begin carrying out his diabolical plan, the fearful friends twisted in their bonds, folding back-to-back on their hips so that Emily's stockinged feet touched Riley's bare toes! Before long their breasts were bared and they continued to writhe in their rope webs while Emily gazed up beseechingly at the merciless man -- a man, however, whose control of the situation was not as complete as he thought! 

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