Twisted Television

Release Date: Dec.11.2017
Running Time: 0:38:8
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Lola Pearl, Victoria June

FM Concepts shoots custom videos for customers. This release, Twisted Television, is an example of a video scripted by a customer and shot by FM Concepts. If you are interested in your own custom video, contact FM Concepts.

Detective Vicky Price (Lola Pearl) thought she had an elusive evildoer cornered, but when he turned the tables on her, the lithe and lovely policewoman found herself in a bind! Swaths of duct-tape pinned Vicky's legs together and controlled her wrists and arms as they coiled around her black mini-dress; after her opponent used several more strips of tape to gag her, the frustrated Vicky rolled around barefoot on a bed! Although she tried to gain attention by pulling open window-curtains next to the bed with her bare toes and writhed vigorously on her stomach, Vicky remained securely tape- bound! An apparently harrowing ordeal -- until director Victoria June appeared and complimented the actress on her performance as the star of an action-oriented TV show!

Detective Price confronted another knotty predicament when she stood roped to a stairway railing in knee-high black boots, tight jeans and a red-and- white striped crop- top. Eyes wide and indignant above the red ball-gag strapped in her mouth, the plucky policewoman contorted her tall, slender body in this one-sided contest against the rope web that held her in a tight embrace! Once again, her desperate struggling was interrupted by an admiring Victoria, but after the ball-gag was removed, the actress had a question: "Why is this tough undercover cop getting tied up and gagged in episode after episode?" Victoria admitted that she had a point and promised to speak with the program's producer.

To put it mildly, that meeting did not go well. When Victoria accidentally played a DVD that revealed the producer's nefarious intentions, he seized her and arranged a bondage much more revealing than anything Detective Price had endured: Stripped naked, busty Victoria stood gagged and bound with duct-tape! Later, when she curled up on the floor next to the TV, the sexy director had to endure the leering producer's crude remarks focused on her eye-catching nude undulations while images of bound and gagged Lola filled the screen!

So how could the bondage-obsessed producer get away with his bizarre scheme? His answer was blackmail, so once Lola was tricked into his clutches, both she and Victoria sat tightly bound and trembling on the floor; white tape-gags were covered with boldly-marked statements declaring their enjoyment of bondage! Claiming that the pictures he was taking would confirm that they were the kinky ones if released to the media, he delighted in their angry but futile responses. When he briefly neglected them, Lola was able to loosen her ankle bonds and quietly approach a table where her phone lay; after she was caught calling for help, the merciless man hogtied both unhappy women! Stripped to her panties, Lola arched on the floor while her naked friend lay wriggling on her side!

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