Welcome To The Bondage Factory

Release Date: Dec.11.2017
Running Time: 0:52:22
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Tara Ashley, Victoria June, Khloe Kapri, Agatha Delicious, Riley Star

Her name was Khloe Kapri, a wide-eyed little blonde dragged into the room, hands tied behind her with the same black rope that webbed around her tight white crop- top and her lips spread by a knotted black cloth! The hooded figure controlling Khloe pushed her onto a mattress and tied her ankles together, then left the powerless girl struggling in her pink mini-skirt and gleaming black pumps! Khloe soon received a bound and gagged companion in Tara Ashley, a bewildered beauty wearing a colorful minidress and flat sandals that framed her red- nailed bare feet. As Khloe writhed next to Tara, her pumps slipped off to reveal her small shapely feet, a sight that tempted the hooded man to tickle the little blonde's soles before hauling her away! Left in mystified solitude, Tara rolled around on the mattress in a futile effort to free herself!

Had Khloe and Tara become compliant residents of the Bondage Factory? Dressed as a chambermaid, Tara practiced ropework on the ankles of nurse- costumed Khloe while both spoke happily of their submissive situations -- until, that is, they believed they were no longer under observation, at which time they tried to escape! But freedom was beyond their reach, so they were returned in tight bondage to the low blue platform, where they strained desperately and murmured to each other through duct-tape gags! Even more rigorous discipline followed when the toe-tied barefoot girls arched in hogties as they wondered if they would ever set foot outside the Factory!

What the hell happened to Agatha Delicious? She liked to think of herself as a touch chick and a cool one too, in her sleeveless top, tight jeans, and flat sandals, but she caved real fast to someone a lot tougher! That's why she wound up on her bed, trussed-up with black rope and whimpering through a nice red ball-gag; poor Agatha wasn't very happy when her boobs popped out between the ropes around her chest! No doubt about it, though, only after she lay hogtied and squirming barefoot on her stomach did Agatha finally accept how completely she'd been dominated!

Voluptuous Victoria June received a shocking wake-up call that ended with the sleepy girl sitting on her bed, bound with tan rope and gagged with white safety- tape. Clad only in a silky pink nighty, Victoria twisted nervously against her bondage, especially after her very substantial breasts were bared, but the exotic beauty's plight reached its peak when she was placed on her knees and tethered to the bed's metal head-frame, a position that guaranteed maximum exposure for the humiliated Victoria!

Home alone with a stranger in the house, panic-stricken Riley Star ran into the bathroom and tried to hide in the tub. But her hiding-place was quickly discovered and the tiny blonde was subdued with rope; seated on the floor with her back against the tub and gagged with a knotted cloth, Riley strained against knotted ropes that easily resisted her small body's contortions! Even after she was placed in the tub, the feisty sprite refused to give up and kicked up her bare feet over its edge!

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