Ropes And Gags For A Wild Girl And A Saint

Release Date: Jan.06.2020
Running Time: 0:50:4
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Jessie Saint, Liv Wild

Gangster girl Liv Wild nursed a grudge against sweet little secretary Jessie Saint, so one day she broke into Jessie's office; after perching her bound and gagged captive on the desk, she tickled the squirming girl's soft bare feet, then opened her blouse so she could tease Jessie's nipples. Once she'd completed her humiliating mission, Liv recorded her domination of the innocent secretary with a selfie but when she invited some fellow delinquents to join her, the nasty chick lost control.

Liv had enemies in the gang so when they showed up at the office it was her turn to feel ropes tighten around her body and a knotted cloth spread her lips. After Jessie was untied so she could reveal the office's profitable secrets, Liv sat twisting angrily in her chair; her betrayal became even more excruciating when Jessie was encouraged to play with her. The trussed-up bad girl was powerless to prevent her bare soles from being tickled and her breasts from being fondled by a secretary eager for payback.

Jessie didn't have long to enjoy her revenge because Liv's reckless ex- comrades decided to take her with them when they left. Both she and Liv were held in bare-breasted bondage; gagged with duct-tape, they struggled side-by-side on a mattress and signalled their mutual contempt with hostile mumbling. But their perilous situation soon brought them into a grudging alliance, so when Liv rolled onto her side, Jessie used her bare toes in an attempt to free Liv's roped wrists.After the knotted ropes defied their efforts at escape, Jessie also rolled back and forth while Liv writhed on her stomach and kicked up her bare feet.

One of Liv's enemies wanted to emphasize her loss of status in the gang so she lost her shorts before being bound and ball-gagged; unhappily caught up in this battle of bad girls, Jessie also mouthed a ball-gag after she was treated to naked bondage. Standing next to each other and supported by rope connections to an overhead chain, Liv and Jessie moved cautiously before turning back-to-back so that bound wrists could make contact. Their futile contortions merely amused Liv's rival, however, who demanded that they turn to press their breasts together.

Liv had once ordered her around so it was a thrill for this former petty thief to see the tough girl's nude body mastered with rope and her lips sealed with tape -- the cute little blonde was a pleasant bonus. Jessie and Liv sat at the corners of a square platform, their ankles tethered to its legs; once again they plucked at each other's wrists until Jessie slipped onto the floor. As the petite nude wriggled on her side, Liv sat above her, bare toes working at undoing the defiant knots pinning her hands; after Liv also slid to the floor, her feet stayed active. Confident that taut ropework would continue to trap the naked pair, their nemesis took a break -- an act she would regret.

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