Big Titted MILF - Bound and Gagged!

Release Date: Jan.06.2020
Running Time: 0:37:25
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Alexis Taylor

Alexis Taylor was stunned when a thief appeared in her office to bind and gag her so that she'd be powerless to interfere with his larcenous project. Trussed up in her blouse and skirt with a wide cloth tied over her mouth, Alexis struggled in her chair; when the callous burglar thought it would be humorous to bare her ample breasts, she felt a surge of anger that energized her resistance to the ropes restraining her. But the knotted web easily controlled her curvaceous body and, after she was deprived of her heels, Alexis was left twisting in frustration and tapping her bare feet against the floor.

Her luck didn't improve when the holidays arrived and Alexis tried to arrange a late-night tryst in a room filled with decorations and presents. But the guy who showed up was there for theft instead of romance, so Alexis was tied up in her red plaid pajamas and gagged with a knotted black cloth that efficiently muffled her protests. Before leaving with many valuable presents, the thief couldn't resist opening the busty package; bare-breasted and barefoot, Alexis squirmed on the floor, her legs folded by yet another length of rope.

Clad only in a short black slip whose upper portion semi- transparently cradled her amazing orbs, Alexis lay back stretched out on a bed, arms and legs pinned down by lengths of rope. When her vigorous efforts to dislodge the sturdy connections failed, Alexis murmured in frustration behind the tape-gag sealing her lips, then her eyes widened in dismay after her wrists and ankles were tied separately to the bed's wooden frame to spreadeagle her. Alexis received a final confirmation of her hopeless plight when the top of her slip was adjusted to expose breasts that had already nearly burst free of their confinement.

Although Alexis exchanged her black slip for an innocent white one and horizontal restraint for standing attachment to a tall wooden post, she remained under the control of malicious strangers. Shifting carefully on her bare feet as she tugged against the padded cuffs holding her arms overhead, the ball-gagged blonde heroine knew that the odds were stacked against her chances of escaping this troubling bind. Matters didn't improve for Alexis after she was moved from post to wooden chair, hands tied behind her back and a rope frame tightened around the bare bosom no longer hidden by her slight garment.

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