I Was Bound And Gagged On The Job

Release Date: Oct.28.2019
Running Time: 0:54:46
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Winter Jade, Gia Milana, Farrah Fay, Vanessa Sky, Izzy Lush

Winter Jade liked the sound of the job she was interviewing for, especially the substantial salary offered to a newcomer in the job market. The interview took a bizarre turn, however, when her potential new boss noted that some of the locations where she'd be working were prone to break-ins, so employees were required to undergo bondage testing that would reveal their capacity for dealing with hazardous situations. The naive applicant was reluctant to take such a test but the wages were so appealing that Winter allowed herself to be bound with rope. After timidly testing her restraint, Winter was surprised when a cloth was tied between her lips, and shocked when her blouse was opened to expose her bare breasts. Slipping off the couch where she'd been seated, Winter concluded the interview as she squirmed on the floor in her stockinged feet. Once she was released, she wisely declined the job offer and hastily exited the premises.

For reasons that she couldn't comprehend, Gia Milana had become the guest of strangers who wouldn't allow her to leave. Dressed in blouse and skirt but with her shoes removed, the exotic beauty was relegated to a small mattress in a corner and ordered to remain quiet. Her hosts had overlooked Gia's phone, however, which she tried to utilize inconspicuously while calling for help; caught in the act, she was securely bound and tape-gagged. As the hours passed, Gia's curves attracted attention, which led to breast-baring, followed by a rope- link folding her legs when she tried to edge off the mattress. The unlucky captive of intrigue was finally released but not before energetic writhing on her side in defiance of her restrictive plight.

After clashing repeatedly with a valuable veteran employee, executive Farrah Fay hired a consulting psychologist to aid in healing their relationship. Farrah accepted the consultant's suggestion to surrender her power in an exercise that would help the employee feel less dominated by the boss, but was stunned when that exercise required her to be bound and gagged! Farrah conscientiously followed his advice, however, and soon sat tied and tape- gagged in her blouse and skirt while the grizzled employee savored her powerless state. Sliding from her chair onto the floor, the trussed-up executive played her role with aplomb, wriggling on her side until her gag was removed to conclude the exercise.

Vanessa Sky got plenty of attention at work with her barely-there blouse and very short skirt, but didn't appreciate the attention she received at home that left her lying tied-up, tape-gagged and blindfolded on her couch! Vanessa managed to shake off the blindfold but the ropes and tape remained despite her fervent struggling; after her stylish heels were stolen by her enemy, barefoot Vanessa was hogtied and wriggled on her stomach while the mysterious woman laughed at her contortions.

When a corrupt business rival tried to intimidate her, Izzy Lush refused to back down. Izzy didn't grasp how desperate he was to silence her voice, however, until the gag was in her mouth and the ropes were tightened around her blouse; hitched to a wooden chair, the bespectacled junior exec strained against her bonds and muttered angrily behind the knotted black cloth. Izzy's indignation escalated when her blouse was pulled open and her shoes removed to emphasize her vulnerability; barefoot and bare-breasted, she twisted vigorously until the arrival of a friend rescued her from the perilous situation.

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