Jenna Vs. Victoria: Lovely Latinas Bondage Battle

Release Date: Jan.15.2018
Running Time: 0:49:1
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Victoria June, Jenna Sativa

Voluptuous playgirl Victoria June receives a stunning surprise when she's confronted in her home by a hooded man and a disguised woman! Swiftly bound and gagged, Victoria's hustled away to a house where she's held in bondage while arrangements are made to exchange her for a hefty fee. Time passes slowly, but the young lady whose face is hidden by a white bandanna avoids boredom by toying with trussed-up Victoria! While the struggling girl chews on a knotted black cleave-gag, the sexy henchwoman bares and fondles her breasts before removing her heels and tickling her bare soles!

Despite her chilling plight, Victoria keeps her wits about her and tricks the predatory bad girl into freeing her. Once the disguise is removed, Victoria recognizes her tormentor as Jenna Sativa, a social climber she's clashed with before; now she lies tightly bound on the floor while vengeful Victoria sits on the couch above her. No gag for Jenna yet because her angry opponent's naked feet soon fill her mouth; they also stray between spread legs whose juncture's unprotected by panties! Barefoot domination concluded, Victoria slips onto the floor to play with Jenna's exposed breasts; finally gagged, the humiliated tough chick can only squirm and whimper!

If she had it to do over again, Victoria would have fled the scene instead of sticking around to toy with Jenna. But there are no do-overs, so when the angry villain returns, she's trapped, and there's more bad news for Victoria because the cash to buy her freedom is not forthcoming. The resourceful evildoer then devises another way to make a big profit -- put the buxom beauty up for sale to the highest bidder! And because Jenna's shown that she's not ready for big-time nefarious activity, she's paired with her former plaything. For the bondage auction, Victoria's clad in a snug blue harem outfit while Jenna's a plaid-skirted cutie; both are ball-gagged. Ordered to pose for the bidders, Victoria moves about haltingly on her bare feet, but Jenna's defiant, even offering a single-finger salute to her treacherous boss. Of course, no display would be complete without plenty of eyes on Victoria's boobs, which thrust impressively through the ropes around her chest! Their show's first act ends with the apprehensive pair huddling together on the floor.

Despite their allure, the bidding's not brisk enough to end the auction, so Jenna and Victoria are stripped and trussed-up outdoors to stimulate their potential owners! Moved to a patio high above the landscape, the naked pair sit bound and tape-gagged on the edge of a low platform; as they shiver and strain against restrictive ropework, hostile glances dart between each other's eyes. Aware of the desperate situation that makes them the focus of lustful viewers, Victoria and Jenna roll onto their sides and squirm in the platform's limited space; her defiance diminished, Jenna kneels submissively!

The show's over but matters haven't improved for Victoria and Jenna, who've been moved back indoors and placed on a bed. Still naked and gagged with duct-tape, they're no longer restrained by attractively arranged coils of rope, instead sitting with their wrists and ankles subdued by the ruthless rigidity of black plastic ties! The unhappy couple resist their plastic bondage cautiously but kick up their bare feet before rolling onto their stomachs and continuing to writhe while they anxiously await their new owner's arrival!

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