Cat-Burglars' Comeuppance

Release Date: Jun.18.2018
Running Time: 0:44:41
Category: Helpless Heroines


It would be easy to feel sorry for Riley Anne when you watch the petite blonde secretary trembling in bondage that left her gagged, tied and blindfolded. But the story's more complicated than it appears because Riley's not an utterly innocent damsel in distress -- she and co-worker Jenna Sativa concocted the questionable scheme to rob their office in the guise of cat-burglars! Exhilarated by the success of their venture, Jenna and Riley couldn't resist taking selfies at the site, then posting them online. Perhaps their disguises weren't quite as effective as hoped because the enraged owner of the company identified them, then decided on an unconventional punitive response to their theft. Law enforcement was left in the dark but ruthless operatives took charge of two employees who fervently wished they'd never been tempted to play larcenous games! Before the first stage of Riley's ordeal concluded, she lost her blindfold but her cleave-gag was replaced by duct- tape, her breasts were bared and she lay struggling in stockinged feet on a small platform.

An endless loop of regret played in Jenna Sativa's mind as she sat bound and disoriented -- if only she and best friend Riley Anne hadn't robbed their own office! Roped to a massive red chair and blindfolded, Jenna whimpered through crimson lips spread by a white cleave-gag; the buxom secretary failed to loosen her bonds despite forceful contortions against the knotted web. The disappearance of her blindfold restored Jenna's vision, but her anxiety was increased by other changes that left her barefoot and bare- breasted. A promised reunion with Riley might have comforted her if she hadn't suspected that the purpose was for them to share an alarming disciplinary experience!

Jenna's suspicions were confirmed after she and Riley were unhappily reunited with the catsuits they'd worn during the ill-advised theft. Their black-clad bodies mastered with white rope and mouths filled with knotted black cloths, the remorseful couple tried not to panic as they sat murmuring nervously to each other on the edge of a bed. Would this stressful situation mark the end of their drastic discipline? Of course not! Unmasked, tape- gagged and hogtied, the beleaguered burglars arched on their stomachs, then rolled back- to-back, where the spiked heels of Jenna's boots menaced Riley's slender bare soles!

The catsuits were history but their attitude adjustment elevated to a humiliating new level after Jenna and Riley were stripped to their panties, bound and ball- gagged. Symbolically positioned on their knees, the intimidated pair balanced uneasily despite the rope-links supporting them from an overhead chain. Fragile blonde and curvaceous brunette both drooled profusely courtesy of those hard rubber balls between their lips, but a more carnal humiliation followed when their panties were pulled down around their knees!

Trussed-up naked and abandoned on an old mattress, Jenna and Riley shared a moment of stark apprehensiveness while they were momentarily left ungagged. Microfoam tape- gags squelched their conversation before long, but the two desperate friends then began a silent collaboration during a period of neglect by their oppressors. After Jenna rolled onto her side, Riley tugged at her bonds with agile bare toes; retribution followed swiftly, however, and the harshly disciplined employees were restrained with waist- ankle tethers that permitted only awkward contortions. Would they be granted a second chance once this unconventional mentoring procedure reached its conclusion? 

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