It's Fun To Play Detective - Until You're Bound &

Release Date: Jan.28.2019
Running Time: 0:48:32
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Ashley Lane, Scarlett Bloom

When Ashley Lane heard rumors that a local house was headquarters for a burglary ring, the part-time realtor couldn't resist beginning her own investigation, i.e., snooping around the home. She was excited to discover some of the loot from a recent break-in but was soon caught by one of the inhabitants, who didn't buy her excuse that she'd simply wandered into the house while searching for promising real estate. Tightly bound in blouse and skirt, Ashley was silenced with cloth stuffing jammed in her mouth and secured with a tight knotted gag by the unsympathetic thief. As she struggled on the hardwood floor of a narrow hallway, the amateur detective regretted her rash intrusion, an emotion that grew more intense after her breasts were bared by the leering crook!

Trapped in rope, Ashley had one hope left -- her close friend Scarlett Bloom, who'd helped her out of awkward situations before. So when she heard Scarlett's voice softly calling her name, Ashley murmured a gag-stifled response and her friend rushed down the hall to release her. But Scarlett's rescue mission came to a regrettable end that left the tall brunette sitting bound on the floor and tethered to a railing next to the bare-breasted and tape-gagged Ashley. The frightened friends twisted in their rope webs until Ashley lay sprawled on the floor; she was left alone in her bondage after the gang-leader took Scarlett away for solo interrogation.

Scarlett stood tied to a wooden bedpost while the paranoid man demanded to know who had sent Ashley and her to spy on his business. The nervous girl tried to explain that her friend was simply a harmless eccentric and swore that neither wanted to cause trouble. Her explanation failed to convince the hardened character so Scarlett's lips were spread by a knotted black gag, then her short white dress grew even shorter as she writhed anxiously when her breasts and pussy were exposed during a callous intimidation procedure.

When Ashley began her dubious investigation, she never imagined it would lead to such a stark tableau: She and Scarlett curled up separately in naked bondage on couches just a few feet apart. Ashley mumbled a barely audible apology for their plight through her tape-gag to the apprehensive Scarlett; tightly knotted coils of rope defied their vigorous contortions. When Ashley slipped off her couch and tried to move closer to Scarlett, even the slight chance of escape was negated by hogties that left the defeated girls facing each other in mirror images of despair.

Freed from their hogties but far from freedom, two nervous nudes sat chair-bound and ball-gagged next to each other. Aware of sinister activities ongoing throughout the house, Ashley and Scarlett strained feverishly against oppressive ropework until they pulled free of the tethers pinning their ankles to the chair-legs. But after sliding onto the floor and continuing to pit their strength against maddening restraint, they remained in captivity. Although the amateur detective and her faithful friend had almost lost hope, there was fortunately one other person in the house on their side. 

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