Lena Shelby's Farewell To Bondage...

Release Date: Jan.28.2019
Running Time: 0:46:16
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Lena Shelby

Before taking a long trip out of the country, Lena Shelby paid a visit to say goodbye. Bondage was the last thing on her mind but her genial host had other plans for lovely Lena. "Well, here I am again!" thought our surprised heroine as she sat on the couch, a short olive-green dress tightened against her body by carefully knotted ropes that also pinned her legs together; her mouth was invaded by an annoying white cloth. After Lena's scheming friend removed her lace-up boots, the shapely Shelby bare feet were raised high onto the sofa's back, where they were subjected to tickling that drew gag- stifled giggles from the bound subject. Left alone, Lena resisted her bondage unsuccessfully while she lay squirming on her side.

An eye-catching sight in black bra and panties, barefoot blonde beauty Lena was tied standing to a wooden post and gagged with a knotted black cloth. Lena's mobility was severely limited but she spiritedly resisted the rope web, then responded indignantly after her bra was folded down to reveal a pair of stiff-nippled breasts. The humiliating exposure continued when Lena's panties were lowered to highlight a curvaceous bottom and the magical triangle between her legs!

After squirming in bare-bottomed embarrassment, Lena was courteously allowed to clothe herself in white shorts and a knitted triangular top; ropes were added, of course, as well as a microfoam tape-gag, then the bound subject was seated on a small wooden bench, her ankles tethered to one of its legs. Lena made no progress improving her situation before she was raised onto the bench, her legs and upper body secured to its back in a rope network that controlled her completely. Her bare feet arched and flexed enticingly on the wooden arm as a bewildered Lena twisted back and forth.

After she was released from rope, Lena was also directed to remove her clothing, then gag herself with microfoam tape, which was then covered with duct-tape. Returned to bondage, the willowy nude stood in a corner and turned back and forth carefully as she balanced on her bare feet. Once Lena slipped onto the floor, she strained more energetically before curling up on her hip, eyes wide above her gag while she contemplated her helpless condition.

Bedtime for Lena, but the lovely bondage doll certainly wouldn't be taking a comfy nap. Still naked, tied and tape-gagged, Lena rolled around on the bed and kicked up her cross-ankled legs. Lena could forget about escaping after she was stretched out on her back diagonally across the bed, arms and legs linked to opposing bedposts and toes tied. Her beautiful bare-skinned body gleamed against the bright red bedsheet during Lena's zealous tugging on tethers that refused to yield. 

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