From Teaching To Bondage: What A Crazy Story

Release Date: Aug.14.2017
Running Time: 0:49:23
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Nina Skye

Fetching teacher Nina Skye has a parent problem that swiftly grows to alarming proportions -- at first the angry dad's unhappy with the grade his son received, but then he punctuates his argument by using duct-tape to bind and gag her after stuffing cloth in her mouth! Casually dressed in a sleeveless top, capri pants and sandals, the auburn-haired instructor trembles on the couch in her own living-room as the unpredictable man's criticism veers into a bizarre direction after he bares her feet and ravenously sucks her toes! Nina's then left to strain desperately against her tape-bondage, but he's far from through with her.

Freed from tape, Nina's bound with multiple coils of rope after changing into a more teacherly outfit consisting of a black sweater, blue dress and peep-toe heels. Standing in the corner, the cleave-gagged teacher is disciplined with a time-out that becomes progressively more punitive when her shoes are removed and her panties pulled down! Her pussy embarrassingly exposed, Nina rotates carefully on bare feet while straining against knots that refuse to loosen!

Back to casual dress for Nina, who sits rope-restrained and tape- gagged on the floor in a crop-top, distressed jeans and glistening sandals -- which can't protect her alluring feet for long from the disturbed dad's hungry mouth! Her eyes wide, Nina murmurs in disbelief as her big toes are tied together, only to disappear between his lips. The pretty teacher's soft soles are also treated to a tonguing when the strange man's obsession with her feet overwhelm any classroom concerns!

Nina's costume consists exclusively of rope after she's relocated to a couch in her bedroom, where she writhes in naked desperation, a black cloth wrapped tightly between her lips. In an attempt to gain attention from a passerby, Nina raises her bare feet so she can tug at the wooden window-shutters with her toes, but her nemesis soon puts an end to this initiative! When he sits on the couch with Nina's legs over his lap, the once combative father treats her in a friendly fashion that's even more troubling; after he's gone, she tries to hop out of the room but rolls onto her bed.

Dad's made his criticism known to Nina, although in a definitely unusual way, so it's time to leave -- but not until she's secured and silenced one final time. While she sits naked and bound on the bed, he painstakingly wraps thin tape over her mouth and around her head until the unhappy teacher's emphatically gagged! Nina's big toes receive the tape treatment as well and when she struggles too freely in her elementary ropework, she's introduced to the more advanced form known as a hogtie! 

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