Five Tight Ties For 19-Year-Old Harmony

Release Date: Aug.27.2018
Running Time: 0:46:18
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Harmony Wonder

What a mismatch: petite Harmony Wonder's accosted by three hooded figures, who collaborate to pull the towel off her naked body, gag her with mouth stuffing and duct- tape, bind her wrists behind her, and coil rope above and below her perky breasts! Harmony's bondage is completed after she's placed face-down on a small platform and secured in a cross-ankled hogtie; the evil trio vanishes but the little nude remains trapped in rope despite energetic arching.

Liberated from her hogtie but certainly not free, Harmony stands naked and bound, with a black cleave-gag spreading her lips and a knotted crotch-rope teasing her pussy! Elbow bondage tests the diminutive heroine's flexibility, which receives a sterner challenge when her arms are raised high in a strappado! Harmony's rope web is completed with a link pulling her hair up to the supporting chain, while one more rope connects her chest harness to her ankles.

Clothed for a change in a sleeveless black top, denim shorts, shoes and socks, Harmony also wears plenty of rope as she sits spread-legged and facing backward in a wooden chair. Just in case she has any idea of calling for help, a dose of cloth -stuffing and duct-tape muffles her voice, while elbow ropework and several more coils pinning her to the chair's back serve to keep squirming Harmony in her place even after her feet are bared!

Naked once more, Harmony's introduced to the restrictive ropework of the ball-tie, while appropriately mouthing a bright red ball-gag. First seated on a bed with her legs folded tightly against her chest, the wide-eyed little beauty's still capable of kicking up her toe-tied bare feet. But when a taut rope-link connects her ankles and chest- harness, Harmony lies on her side, mobility diminished to the vanishing point!

Like many another enticing, bespectacled, plaid-skirted student, Harmony runs afoul of a villain who prevents her from interfering with his evil plans by holding her in bondage! Perched on a desk, the tied and tape-gagged scholar raises her sandaled bare feet as she struggles in frustration, a move that won't be possible after her ankles are tethered to the edges of the desk. Once Harmony's legs are spread, it's obvious that the hard-working student forgot to wear panties! 

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