Cat-Burglar's Bound Blonde

Release Date: Aug.27.2018
Running Time: 0:26:39
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Jana Jordan, Carol Luna

There's a cat-burglar on the prowl and sinuous Carol Luna has her eyes focused on more than loot! Her target's slumbering innocent Jana Jordan, who she pulls from under the bedcovers; once Jana's tightly bound in her sleepwear, wicked Carol happily stuffs cloth in her mouth and tape-gags her! While the larcenous cat vacuums up valuables, barefoot blonde Jana strains hopelessly against her rope web, but it's when the kinky cat returns that Jana's plight becomes alarming. First teasing her naked nipples, Carol then rolls her prey facedown so she can tantalize her soft bare soles -- she's reveling in another evil triumph when it suddenly collapses!

Who could blame Jana for desiring at least a small portion of payback? So as the castdown cat stands tied to the bottom-rail of the bed where she played with Jana, the vengeful blonde gives Carol a taste of mouth-stuffing and duct- tape before fondling her bare breasts! Humiliated and unmasked, the dark- haired beauty then wriggles on her stomach after Jana takes control of her bare feet, rubbing them against her own bare breasts before tickling Carol's foot- bottoms and nibbling on her toes! But this conflict takes another twist that Jana doesn't appreciate at all.

Neither Carol or Jana hold the upper hand any longer; instead they share naked bondage while seated against the bed's headboard. But the enmity survives, evidenced by the cleave-gagged sneers directed at each other as they struggle across the bed; Carol even directs some well-aimed kicks at Jana's bottom! When Jana's dubious rescuer tires of their antics, he attempts to establish stability by turning them into strangely-matched twins with a rope tightened around both waists while they lie face-to-face. At last the enemies make peace and even discover a surprising degree of erotic satisfaction as their nude bodies writhe in emphatic proximity!

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