Valentina Nappi Pussybound

Release Date: Aug.27.2018
Running Time: 0:42:56
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi kept under the radar as a quiet, efficient executive secretary until her company's zealous security director discovered that she was a corporate spy! Interrogation followed once Valentina was roped to a chair but she refused to divulge the identity of the client for whom she was stealing information. Gagged with a knotted black cloth, she remained coolly defiant even after her breasts were bared and her legs spread by ankle-tethers to the back of the chair. Valentina's eyes widened, however, when her interrogator stepped behind the chair and tilted it backwards!

The failed spy had assumed she'd simply be turned over to the authorties but her security nemesis had other plans. Stripped of her jacket, blouse and skirt, Valentina lay naked and spread in the bed of an overturned wooden table; she was gagged with duct-tape after she remained unwilling to answer his questions. Valentina's nude body twisted anxiously while arms and legs maneuvered ineffectually against ropework that accentuated her vulnerability!

Because of her continuing stubborness, Valentina was tied down on a bed with both wrists and knees linked to the bedposts so that the naked spy was even more widely spread than before! Despite her contortions, the tape- gagged nude was powerless in a rope web that frogged her legs into immobility; when Valentina's gag was removed, she unwisely answered questions with insults.

Valentina's insolence was rewarded with a crotchrope that nestled between her legs as she lay back in spread-legged restraint on a small bench. Her lips once again sealed with tape, Valentina received a nasty reminder of her hopeless position when her left leg was raised high in the air and tethered to the top of a cabinet. Open in a way that she'd never experienced before, Valentina knew it would be difficult to hold out much longer!

Her curvaceous naked body still oppressed by the knotted ropes she'd come to hate, Valentina sat on the edge of the wooden table that was uncomfortably familiar to her. Although her lips were spread by a ball-gag, her ankles and knees were snugly tied together -- a situation that soon changed after she attempted to free her wrists from their bonds. Her ankles separately connected to the table legs, Valentina writhed in full-on pussy display while the inquisitor waited impatiently for her to reveal the secrets she was hiding!

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