Grab And Bind: Lily Adams

Release Date: Dec.24.2018
Running Time: 0:48:15
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Lily Adams

Lily Adams was a prosecutorial prodigy who won a position empowering her to convict criminals soon after completing law school. When the angry brother of a man she'd sent to prison paid her a visit, he placed Lily in much less comfortable positions, ones that made it impossible for her to lodge an objection! After the petite brunette was tightly bound, she was seated on a wooden chest, which made it easy for the vengeful man to stuff cloth in her mouth and seal the gag with duct-tape. When Lily stretched her bare feet onto the floor, her legs were folded into a ball-tie to thwart her mobility and her big toes were pinned together with string . Barely able to move on her perch, the pretty prosecutor wondered if she'd seen the last of the ruthless intruder.

Of course, he was far from finished with the assistant DA he blamed for his brother's incarceration; after Lily changed into blouse, skirt and heels, she was trussed up again and placed in a chair. Mouth-stuffing and an overmouth-gag muffled her trembling voice, then Lily strained nervously against her bonds. Desperate to escape, the helpless lawyer slipped off her shoes before continuing to test her ropework while seated on the floor. When Lily rolled about in frustration and kicked up her bare feet, pussy exposure revealed that her stylish outfit did not include panties.

No more Mr. Nice Guy, resolved the cruel man, who ordered Lily to strip, then taped her hands behind her back as she stood naked and shivering. Quickly tape-gagged, Lily knelt meekly on the floor until he nudged the silenced prosecutor onto her stomach so he could pin her ankles together. The predatory thug hovered over his prey, enjoying her nude contortions, before he intervened to wrap several more coils of tape above and below her knees.

Freed from tape but trapped in a rope web, Lily lay back on her sofa and summoned up the courage to denounce the sneering evildoer. But her words were no match for the cloth that he once again stuffed between her lips, nor the tape securing it in place. Despite her daunting plight, the courageous nude summoned up enough energy to challenge her bondage by writhing on her side, lying back to kick up her feet, then squirming on her stomach. Lily's situation remained the same, however, after these intensive efforts to loosen the stubborn knots -- she was still bound and gagged.

By spreadeagling Lily on her bed, the self-appointed judge assured that this prosecutor he'd so zealously punished would be held in contempt far into the future. Lily's body was at first covered by a blanket but after taping her mouth, he gleefully pulled it away to reveal her blatant nudity. The anguished lawyer yanked frantically at rope-links stretching her arms and legs to the bedposts, then was subjected to even more awkward restraint when her legs were frogged and toes tied. Before slipping away, Lily's bitter enemy casually informed her that he'd inform every salacious media outlet of her plight so that her humiliation would receive appropriate coverage. 

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