The Many Faces Of Bondage

Release Date: Feb.06.2017
Running Time: 0:48:7
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Alexis Ferreira, Chanel Preston, Misty Lovelace, Britney Amber, Kylie Page, Jenna Sativa

Garbed in a sparkling, floor-length red dress, aspiring actress Alexis Ferreira is tricked into bondage that tethers the dark-haired beauty to a stair- railing! As she stands bound and barefoot, Alexis protests her plight but receives a ball-gag in response and an adjustment of her gown that bares her breasts!

It looks like cat-burglar Chanel Preston's career has come to a screeching halt as she stands ball-gagged with her hands held overhead in padded- cuffs linked to a hanging chain! Clever Chanel slips free of the cuffs, but not of the ropes that replace them and pin her hands behind her back! The cat hisses after her suit's opened to reveal impressive breasts, then Chanel's bad day culminates in a cross- ankled barefoot hogtie!

Bad girl Britney Amber has Misty Lovelace just where she wants her -- roped naked to a chair, a red ball-gag spreading her red lips and her red toes tapping on the floor as wicked Britney fondles and licks her breasts! The kinky villainess is so turned-on, however, that she doesn't notice that Misty's slipping out of her wrist bonds; in a dizzying reversal of fortune, Britney sits naked, bound and ball- gagged while Misty straddles her and teases her massive orbs!

Sexy Alexis goes bare so she can take some provocative selfies, but when her housemate discovers the photos are going to a guy she's interested in, Alexis's nudity is compromised by rope and her mouth stuffed and taped! The sizzling brunette stands bound and cornered until she's tethered waist-to-ankle on the floor!

Nude beauties Jenna Sativa and Kylie Page lie next to each other on a bed striving resentfully against the metallic restraints confining them! Murmuring to each other through ball-gags, Jenna and Kylie make no progress against the hand- cuffs pinning their arms behind them while kicking up their ankle-cuffed legs in frustration. Mobility becomes even more limited when they're placed on their stomachs and their legs hitched to the headboard with two more sets of cuffs!

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