Playful Girls In Serious Bondage

Release Date: Oct.23.2017
Running Time: 0:49:32
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Victoria June, Christiana Cinn, Penelope Cross, Chloe Scott, Jenna Reid, Riley Reyes

Accused of theft, voluptuous chambermaid Victoria June strenuously defends herself against accusations of theft, then just as energetically struggles in bondage once she's roped to a chair in her bright red costume! Gagged with a black cleave, Victoria remains defiant after her breasts are bared, but her eyes widen with alarm when her legs are lifted and tied across another chair so that her fishnet-stockinged feet can be tickled!

It seems like a harmless adventure to Christiana Cinn, who slips away from the costume party to investigate the contents of a wooden chest that caught her eye. But then it's Christiana herself who's caught by a host who doesn't appreciate her curiosity; quickly trussed up in her bright blue harem costume, the wide-eyed little snooper's pleas for release are muffled with a red ball-gag! Seated on the edge of the chest, Christiana is powerless to prevent her breasts from being exposed, then kicks up her bare feet after she's placed on top of the chest!

Penelope Cross is pulled from under her bedcovers by a hooded intruder who ties her hands behind her back, gags her with duct-tape, then binds her ankles together as she kneels barefoot on the bed in her light-blue nighty! After coiling rope above and below her breasts, he leaves Penelope squirming in disbelief on her hip, but returns to hogtie the slender brunette as a final dominant gesture!

After their workout's alarmingly interrupted by envious rivals, Chloe Scott and Jenna Reid are gagged and their torsos tautly coiled with rope, then they're briefly allowed to wander about barefoot in their exercise tights and crop-tops! But it's not long before their ankles are tied and they stand tethered to rings overhead; humiliation escalates for Chloe and Jenna when their topes are pulled up and their tights pulled down to expose breasts and pussies! Straining against their bondage proves futile, so ball-gagged Jenna huddles close to tall, tape-gagged Chloe as they await the end of their ordeal!

Is it really possible that Riley Reyes could be a spy? A perky blue- eyed blonde wearing a casual peach-colored dress, red sneakers and rainbow- striped socks, Riley doesn't fit the profile but her actions do seem suspicious. Provocative enough that when an operative surprises her, he orders Riley to gag herself with duct-tape; after she's secured with rope and perched on a desk, she listens apprehensively as he bargains for her release! When negotiations deteriorate, Riley's breasts are bared, her sneakers and socks removed, and the barefoot espionage suspect arches unhappily in a hogtie!

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