The Holly Manning Mysteries: A Case Of A Friend In

Release Date: Oct.23.2017
Running Time: 0:48:4
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Holly Manning, Alexis Taylor

Alexis Taylor's husband truly appreciates his wife...when she's bound and gagged! That's why the reluctant Alexis finds herself sitting on a leopard-skin lounge, her impressively curvaceous body trapped in rope while a white cloth spreads her lips! After toying with her bound bare feet, the happy husband sits back to watch Alexis writhing angrily on the lounge!

Holly Manning becomes a character in the marital drama when she urges best friend Alexis to stand up for herself against her husband's demands. Alexis is impressed with Holly's assertive advice until she returns home the following day to find her friend sitting bound and gagged on a couch! Hubby's back in charge, so Alexis quickly joins her indignant friend in bondage; to emphasize his domination, he frees his wife's massive breasts from her tight black dress! Snared in rope, cleave-gagged and barefoot, Holly and Alexis struggle side-by-side on the couch, then roll onto the floor but are unable to free themselves!

In his own perverse way, the controlling husband is grateful to Alexis for bringing him a new bondage toy. His next move is a daring one -- an outdoor walk for both restrained women, their upper bodies bound; Holly's in a long dress and gagged with medwrap, while Alexis has been stripped to her panties and ball- gagged! After allowing them the limited freedom to stroll through a sunny backyard and to peer through the bars of his home-made jail cell, the triumphant man pins them standing next to each other against a massive concrete pillar. Although Holly strains alluringly, her red-nailed bare toes pressing against the stone patio, it's the bare-breasted contortions of Alexis that are truly eye-catching!

Their outdoor excursion concluded, Holly and Alexis are confined to long- legged metal chairs, where they sit webbed in rope, their ankles crossed and their lips spread by cleave-gags! As they twist and whimper, the beleaguered pair furnish an exhilarating tableau for the man who's arranged their restraint, Holly once again elegant in her distress and Alexis the stiff-nippled delight of her heartless man! To attain a different perspective on their rope-bound undulations, he turns the chairs until the objects of his desire are face-to-face.

Much as he enjoys the sight of his wife in bondage, the imperious husband permits her a brief hiatus from ropework while he concentrates his wrath on Holly for interfering in his tyrannical relationship. Dressed for a more rigorous experience in a tight sleeveless top and shorts, apprehensive Holly lies facedown and tightly bound on the couch where she'd counselled Alexis, her protests muffled by duct-tape! Soon Holly's bare feet arch close to her hands after the vicious man ratchets up his revenge with a hogtie -- but her ordeal comes to an end when the forces of justice bring his evil edifice crashing down!

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