Barefoot Heroines Bound And Gagged

Release Date: Jul.23.2018
Running Time: 0:45:26
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Nina North, Vienna Black, Jasmine Vega, Danni Rivers, Paige Owens, Sabina Rouge

Sitting tied-up and tape-gagged on her bed, Nina North was understandably worried. But she was also resentful that the intruders had refused to accept her word that she'd remain quiet while they went about their business and instead put her in such an uncomfortable position. So the busty brunette decided to take the initiative by sliding off the bed with the hope that she could somehow hop her way to freedom. Her unwanted guests were more vigilant than Nina had expected, however, so she was quickly returned to the bed, her red romper punitively adjusted to expose her breasts. A waist-ankle tether folded the bare- breasted beauty's legs to ensure that she'd spend plenty of time rolling about in awkward restraint!

When their field trip took a bizarre turn, sexy students Jasmine Vega and Vienna Black learned the hard lesson that plaid skirts and sneakers were no match for tight ropes and bandanna gags! Held by mysterious malefactors, delicate Jasmine and bespectacled Vienna sat bound, gagged and tethered to wooden chairs, powerless to do more than twist in their rope webs. A bewildering experience became more disturbing when their breasts and feet were bared, but protests were stifled by strips of duct-tape over their cloth gags!

Thanks to the strips of tape sealing her lips, feisty little Danni Rivers was quieter than usual as she sat squirming in bondage on her bed. Danni's frilly white nighty was dominated by tightly-knotted tan rope, which also pinned her knees and ankles together. But Danni wasn't going to let her bound and gagged situation prevent her from taking a shot at escape, so after rolling about energetically on the bed, she slid onto the floor. Once she'd wriggled close to the bedroom door, the determined girl lay back, lifted up her legs and twisted the doorknob with her bare toes. Danni's spirits rose as the door began to open, then fell just as quickly!

Clad in skimpy white bra and panties, sweetly seductive Paige Owens was held in a sinister embrace by coils of black rope tightened around her curvaceous body. a knotted black cloth secured between her lips muffled Paige's voice as she sat writhing fervently on the black platform jammed in the corner of a dark room. Indignation stoked the barefoot girl's struggles after her breasts were bared, but Paige finally lay on her side, defeated by ropework that refused to yield!

When Sabina Rouge spoke about her time as a bound and gagged captive, she acknowledged that it was alarming to feel her limbs immobilized by rope and her mouth covered by tape. But what Sabina found most frustrating was the collection of knots that linked her ankles to the legs of the table on which she sat. No matter how hard her legs yanked against it, Sabina was unable to detach herself from the table; even after her tight crop-top gave way to her rope-framed breasts and she lay awkwardly contorting on the floor, her attention was exclusively focused on the tether! 

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