Bella's Bondage Fantasy Fulfilled

Release Date: Aug.05.2019
Running Time: 0:49:44
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Bella Rolland

Bella Rolland yearned to experience the thrilling sensations produced by bound and gagged struggling. Fortunately for Bella, she had a generous friend who devoted his time and energy to helping this beautiful young woman realize her nude bondage fantasies. Bella's journey began as she sat naked on the bed, her wrists and ankles controlled by black zip-ties; after gagging her with duct-tape, Bella's playful master emphasized her powerless state by fondling her breasts. Left alone, she rolled around energetically, then her exciting introduction to restraint concluded when a final zip-tie folded her long legs and drew her bare feet close to her hands in a hogtie. Arching on her stomach, Bella enjoyed every moment of the peril she'd arranged for herself.

Energized by her first encounter with bondage, Bella enthusiastically opted for the more traditional pressure of rope on her unclothed body. She sat on the floor at first, a white cloth spreading her lips, and tested the power of the knotted coils to immobilize her limbs. After casually tweaking her nipples, Bella's friend moved her onto the couch, where she stretched out while testing her strength against the ropework. Happy to be helpless, Bella kicked up her bare feet, then sat back as her comrade returned to raise her legs onto his lap and confirm her packaged status with some hands-on attention.

The restraint was simple enough but Bella's next position allowed her to sample the delicious emotions of spread-legged vulnerability. Seated on a wide padded chair with her ankles tied to its rear legs, tape-gagged Bella was vibrantly aware of her pussy's stark display; even the most strenuous contortions would fail to bring her knees together. Her friend thoughtfully accentuated her plight with another dose of breast-caressing before Bella savored the sight of her humiliation in a nearby mirror.

Bella was still eager for novelty so she mouthed a red ball-gag for the first time while wriggling face-down on the floor. Securely rope-bound, the lithe beauty pressed her naked flesh against the carpet underneath her during the struggles that she knew to be futile. Later, Bella's mobility was restricted even more drastically when she once again felt the body-bowing intensity of a hogtie that linked her wrists and crossed ankles.

In her everyday life, Bella was a tall and formidable young woman but in these hours defined by fantasy, she reveled in her identity as a trussed-up, ball-gagged nude curled up meekly on the floor. After twisting coyly to show off her enticing body from tits to toes, Bella was freed from her ankle ropes, then assisted into a shower. There she stood under the shower-head while a stream of water soaked her but certainly didn't dampen the delight Bella had achieved from fantasies brought to life. 

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