The Holly Manning Mysteries: A Case Of Statistical

Release Date: Mar.26.2018
Running Time: 0:50:7
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Holly Manning

Once again, Detective Holly Manning walked into a trap as she conscientiously attempted to enforce the law! Seized by her nemesis, the lovely detective was tied, tape-gagged and seated on a couch, where the evil man left her struggling in her blue top and tight black slacks. After her heels were removed, Holly rolled around on the couch until she lay on her side with her bare feet presented so temptingly that her captor couldn't resist tickling them!

Holly's persecution continued after she was maneuvered outdoors in a more casual outfit consisting of tight white top, shorts and sandals. Cleave- gagged and securely bound, the distraught detective was walked to a wicker chair by the malicious criminal, who tied her ankles together once she was seated. Holly writhed in frustration as he watched happily, before removing her sandals and perching her sideways in the chair with her legs raised over its arm.

The vengeful man enjoyed his revelation of Detective Holly's full allure once her body was daringly clad in a creatively designed purple swimsuit and she stood near a swimming-pool, trapped in a web of rope that pinned her against a massive fake rock! Her professional pride severely damaged by the humiliating situation, Holly raised on tiptoe in her sandals while straining desperately against the bondage that mocked her limited strength; her angry protests were muffled by the duct-tape sealing her lips!

After her embarrassing poolside exposure, Holly was allowed to dress more modestly in top and jeans, but the diabolical crook was far from through with his vicious campaign against this virtuous enemy. Once more subdued with rope and mouthing a ball-gag, Holly was tossed into a wire-walled cage, where she walked about anxiously in search of any means to escape! After deriving sufficient satisfaction from her futile wanderings, her oppressor negated Holly's mobility by hitching her to the door of the cage.

Her wrists and ankles bound, still dressed in top and jeans, Holly edged carefully down a long staircase that seemed unending! When the barefoot and tape- gagged detective finally reached the bottom, she curled up wearily next to a door that might lead her to freedom.

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