V Stands For Vulnerable

Release Date: Mar.26.2018
Running Time: 0:45:33
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Valentina Nappi, Veronica Kirei

After a tense encounter with an unwelcome guest, leggy Veronica Kirei became a bound and gagged package in her own home! Trussed up in her colorful dress and heels, Veronica sat squirming on the floor next to a curtained window. Hoping to call for help despite the black cloth tied between her lips, the spunky girl slipped off her heels, then edged barefoot along the floor to open the curtain. Retribution for her daring came swiftly in the form of a rope-link between her waist and ankles; before long, Veronica was writhing in bare-breasted desperation on her side!

It was just another day on the job for luscious chambermaid Valentina Nappi -- until she encountered an empty safe in her employer's home office! Before she could call for help, Valentina was subdued and silenced with white rope and a black cleave-gag that echoed the color scheme of her costume. Timid at first, the dark- eyed maid grew more daring, slipped off her heels and twisted in her chair until she could reach out with her fishnet-stockinged toes for the phone she's left on the nearby desk. But Valentina's commendable initiative was thwarted by the thief, who moved her onto the floor and folded her legs with a waist-ankle tether. At first curled up on her hip, Valentina struggled until she rolled onto her side, where she whimpered pathetically in near immobility!

Skimpily-clad Veronica became an eye-catching sight as she stood bound in her tight white tank top and panties! Gagged with duct-tape and tethered to a stairway railing, Veronica strained against the tan rope controlling her body and twisted back and forth on her bare feet! Veronica's restraint was accentuated by humiliation after her top was cut open to reveal a pair of enticing breasts and her panties pulled down so that a crotch-rope could be snaked between her legs!

Deprived of all clothing, Valentina faced an ominous predicament as she knelt bound and ball-gagged on a massage table, her curvaceous naked body supported by a rope- chain link! Able to do little more than drool and undulate in her rope web, the raven- haired nude yearned for rescue but instead was subdued by even more physically demanding bondage. Unhitched from the chain, Valentina lay hogtied, a position that diminished visual access to her impressive breasts but brought her soft bare soles into prominence!

Lovely Veronica just couldn't escape the embrace of rope -- attired in decorative bra and panties, she was tied up, hitched to a wooden chair and gagged with black tape! It didn't take long for the bra to lose its place so that those appealing breasts could thrust through their rope frame and only a little longer for beleaguered beauty to find herself face-down on a nearby dining-table. Her long legs folded and bare feet drawn up close to her hands, Veronica experienced the intimidating impact of the hogtie as she writhed awkwardly on her stomach!

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