Such Pretty Girls So Bound And Gagged

Release Date: Feb.05.2018
Running Time: 0:46:16
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Ashly Anderson, Alex Blake, Ryan Ryans

Curvaceous Ashly Anderson got a nasty shock when a slippery chick on the run stole her dress and shoes, then deposited her bound, ball-gagged and barefoot on her desk! Squirming in bra and panties, wide-eyed Ashly waited until she saw an opportunity to slip off the desk but her escape attempt was immediately quashed. Back on the desk, legs hobbled by a waist-ankle tether and breasts bared, Ashly twisted awkwardly and rolled onto her hip in a losing contest with her ropework!

It was disturbing enough for Alex Blake when she was ordered by a felonious female to strip off her dress, shoes and lingerie, but her bad day got worse after she was tied up naked! Alex shivered as she sat on the edge of a wooden chest; despite pleading that a gag was unnecessary, she was silenced with a thick black cloth! After the departure of her unsympathetic guest, Alex squirmed and murmured in miserable solitude on top of the chest.

Ravishing in a lacy romper, Ryan Ryans was roped to a chair after turning over a selection of valuable coins to the burglar who'd paid her an unwelcome visit! Although she promised to remain silent, Ryan's anxiety boiled over into cries for help; the consequence was a knotted black cloth tied between her lush lips! Bound, gagged and writhing, Ryan counted the minutes until the intruder would leave her in peace, but he played a final nasty trick by altering her position so that she knelt backward and almost immobilized in the chair, her breasts and feet bared!

Deprived of even her bra and panties, Ashly Anderson stood naked and bewildered, the red ball in her mouth replaced by a blue one! The dark-haired beauty balanced carefully on her bare feet as she strained against the ropes subduing her voluptuous body and supporting her from an overhead chain. The rope-leash continued to hold Ashly after she was lowered into a more submissive position on her knees, one in which her bare soles were exposed and her breasts thrust forward more assertively through the web surrounding them!

Poor little Alex Blake -- who wouldn't look panic-stricken when she was surprised in her bedroom by a stranger with ropes? Securely bound in her skimpy blue nighty and ball-gagged, Alex struggled on her bed until she daringly stretched out her legs over the edge until her bare toes touched the floor! When she was caught in the act, the hapless girl was stuck in the corner, where she curled up meekly and whimpered nervously.

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