How Did You End Up Bound And Gagged?

Release Date: Apr.17.2017
Running Time: 0:48:11
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Ashley Lane, Megan Sage, Stella Cox, Angelina Bonnet, Tilly McReese, Kenna James, Misty Lovelace

Naive Ashley Lane helped con-girl Megan Sage gain access to some unusual antiques; her reward was to lie bound, gagged and blindfolded on the floor while Megan scooped up a bagful of loot! But Megan joined Ashley in bondage after her partner decided to take 100% of the profits, so the two writhed side-by-side in their blouses, skirts and heels. As time passed, their shoes slipped off and they curled up in stockinged feet while glancing at each other angrily and murmuring through their tape-gags! The reversal of fortune was completed when Ashley freed herself first, then tethered Megan's legs close to her body and blindfolded her before leaving to get help!

Enticing executive Stella Cox received a nasty surprise when an employee she'd fired returned while she was alone in the office. Her jacket and blouse coiled with tight ropes that also pinned her knees and ankles, cleave- gagged Stella twisted anxiously in her chair while the angry man ranted at her! Stella's plight became even more disturbing after she was hogtied on top of her desk; gagged with duct-tape, the powerless businesswoman arched on her stomach as her stockinged feet pointed close to her bound wrists!

Leggy blonde adventuress Angelina Bonnet ran into the kind of trouble that left her tied, gagged and seated on a massage table, her ankles tethered to its wooden frame! Matters became even more serious after Angelina was placed facedown on the table and hogtied; duct-tape replaced her cleave- gag and her shoes were soon removed, so that the her stockinged feet wriggled pathetically as the wide-eyed beauty strained against her bondage! 

Tilly McReese was the perfect image of a demure but alluring secretary clothed in a jacket whose color matched her black hair, a bright white blouse and a light brown skirt. But Tilly's buxom body was also oppressed by knotted rope that tethered her to a wooden chair; the mystified office-worker haltingly questioned why she was being held until she was silenced with strips of microfoam tape! The glasses that had accentuated Tilly's studious appearance soon disappeared, but it was only after her blouse was unbuttoned to expose her substantial breasts that her spirited personality fully emerged. Tilly's eyes flashed angrily and she twisted vigorously in her rope web while pointing her stockinged toes against the floor! Bound, gagged, bare-breasted and finally blindfolded, Tilly would have plenty of time to question why she'd been subjected to this ordeal! 

Misty Lovelace didn't have the password the intruder was looking for, so the petite office-worker was neatly bound and seated on the floor of her kitchen in her blouse, skirt and heels! Ordered to call housemate Kenna James, timid little Misty did as she was told, then was gagged with mouth-packing held in place by a taut coil of black rope. Kenna was confronted when she returned home and tried to bluff at first, but finally surrendered the password, then was identically bound and gagged next to Misty. Before leaving, the sleazy operative entertained himself by opening the blouses and removing the shoes of the innocent women, who continued to struggle bare-breasted and barefoot long after he was gone!

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