Sweet Bondage Memories

Release Date: Mar.04.2019
Running Time: 0:51:48
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Michelle Rae, Victoria Monroe

When best friends Michelle Rae and Victoria Monroe renewed their acquaintance with a man they'd known years before, conversation turned to a provocative subject: bondage. They'd enjoyed being tied up by him in the past, so Michelle and Victoria begged him to apply the ropes again. He was more than happy to comply, binding and gagging the excited pair in their nearly identical white tops and black pants. Seated side-by- side on a couch, they murmured happily to each other, then grew more playful by raising their bare feet in alternation against each other's tape-gags before teasing breasts with toes. Victoria raised the excitement level by using those toes to tickle Michelle's stomach, then began to tug down her pants; it was obvious that they wanted most of the clothing to disappear.

Victoria and Michelle got their wishes after they stripped to their panties and sat chair- tied next to each. Turned on by their nearly nude situation, they giggled both before and after they were gagged with white cleaves, then concentrated on twisting in rope after their good friend proposed an escape contest. Daring struggles ensued as both drew up their feet onto the chairs and Michelle even raised her size-five soles high in the air! But their competitive juices flowed in different directions after they stood face-to-face; Michelle and Victoria just happened to press their bare breasts together, a sensual proximity they clearly appreciated.

Still panty-clad, the adventurous friends moved to a large four- poster bed where Victoria needed very little persuasion from the benevolent bondager to tie Michelle's hands behind her back. Once the enticing captive lay securely tied, Victoria tape-gagged her, then happily caressed Michelle's breasts and teased her nipples. With her petite pal completely under her control, mischievous Victoria raised Michelle's legs and stroked those shapely little feet with her fingernails, a surprising development that elicited gag-muffled giggles from the surprised subject. Although Victoria relished her dominant moments, she enjoyed submitting to ropes and tape once more, so she could roll about delightedly with Michelle on the bed.

A new game took shape after the players were separated and tied up in different areas of the house so that they could wriggle around looking for each other. Sitting on a wooden hallway floor in her colorful flared dress, Michelle accepted a tape- gag from the master of ceremonies. The little brunette's eyes sparkled with excitement as she edged carefully along the floor, twisted onto her hip, then leaned back to raise her feet against the wall. After gazing carefully around the corner, Michelle moved quickly around it and murmured happily when she caught sight of Victoria.

Meanwhile, Victoria began her journey standing tied in a corner, white tape covering her mouth and white rope standing out on her black cocktail dress. Although she twisted appealing on her high heels, it was only after they were removed that barefoot Victoria could progress along the carpet using a squirming technique similar to Michelle's. Because of the softer surface, Victoria was more daring in her undulations, sometimes moving along on her knees before curling up to rest. But she too sped up when a familiar bound and gagged girl appeared across the room; even though their bondage playday concluded with the friends at a distance, Michelle and Victoria were energized by an experience they wouldn't soon forget. 

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