Where's Norton?

Release Date: Apr.08.2019
Running Time: 0:50:16
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Lola Pearl, Natalie Brooks

That's the demand the hooded invader made of Lola Pearl as soon as he burst into her home office. When it became clear that Lola wasn't about to co- operate, he ordered her to kneel on the floor, then tied her hands behind her back, gagged her with a knotted black cloth and coiled rope tightly around her chest. After Lola's assistant Natalie Brooks arrived to find her struggling in bondage, the little brunette also knelt trembling as she was bound and silenced by the fearsome figure. While his captives strained anxiously on the floor, he tried unsuccessfully to glean information about Norton on Lola's computer. Frustrated by failure, the mysterious interrogator turned his attention back to Lola and Natalie.

He wanted answers, so the subjects of his inquisition were no longer gagged but still subdued by rope; sitting side-by-side in wooden chairs, both Natalie and Lola wore blindfolds that intensified their sense of vulnerability. But when Lola stubbornly continued to deny knowledge of Norton's whereabouts, the angry operative removed their blindfolds. After uncovering their eyes, he sealed the bound women's mouths with cloth and duct-tape, then circled them predatorily while urging Lola to forget about protecting Norton. Instead, he suggested, she should look out for the well-being of her cute little assistant, an argument he emphasized by tickling Natalie's stockinged feet and toying with her bare breasts. The despicable man's time ran out, however, before he could convince Lola to submit; unaware that she had recently hired a security guard, he panicked and ran when he heard the unexpected arrival.

Cuddling sensually on the bed, Lola and Natalie tried to forget their traumatic experience at the office. But the hooded nightmare made another shocking entry into their lives, then twisted their romance into a callous exercise in domination. As Natalie knelt bound and ball-gagged in her skimpy lingerie, he directed the defiant Lola to fondle her breasts and tweak her nipples. Next, with the powerless girl sprawled on her stomach, Lola was compelled to tantalize her very ticklish bare soles; although she hated to torment her little girlfriend, the beautiful businesswoman still refused to reveal Norton's location. Then it was her turn to squirm in bondage while timid Natalie caressed and tickled her, before swatting her bottom at the evil man's command!

Two innocent women stood tied and cleave-gagged next to each other against a wall, both in naked peril, as an increasingly unhinged villain ranted at them and menaced Natalie to undermine Lola's resistance. When he was temporarily distracted, the desperate pair tried to hop away but were quickly wrangled by their furious captor, who wasted no time in arranging more secure restraint. Her small nude body bowed on a low platform, Natalie arched vigorously despite the hogtie's intimidating power while Lola sat struggling on the floor, hitched by her ropework to the platform's leg.

Gagged with duct-tape, still bound and naked, Lola and Natalie sat side-by-side against the headboard of the bed where they'd caressed each other lovingly such a short time before. They'd soon be separated, however, because it was Lola's turn to be hogtied; as she rolled around on her stomach, Natalie strained against the waist-ankle tether folding her legs so that her bare feet nearly touched her thighs. To their surprise and relief, the disguised thug had stopped questioning Lola, then slipped away as mysteriously as he'd arrived. Still unable to loosen his restrictive ropework, Natalie and Lola yearned for rescue that would only occur after the very unexpected appearance of a good friend. 

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