The Agents Were Captured And Bound

Release Date: Oct.01.2018
Running Time: 0:38:13
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Alexa Grace, Emma Hix, Anny Aurora

Sometimes lessons have to be learned the hard way, as surveillance agents Anny Aurora, Alexa Grace and Emma Hix discovered. The three glamorous blondes had been ordered to keep a close watch on one of their agency's most elusive enemies, who seemed completely unaware of their presence in a nearby house. Until he struck back, that is, first seizing Alexa, then Emma, who soon became his tied and tape-gagged captives! Anny was also taken off-guard, ordered to stuff cloth in her mouth and gag herself with duct-tape, then placed between her colleagues on the couch, a trio of crestfallen agents struggling in bondage! After Anny slipped onto the floor, Emma slipped off her heels and tugged at her friend's wrist-bonds with her bare toes. She'd made limited progress, however, when their nemesis thwarted the modest escape attempt.

Determined to keep the three bound agents away from enquiring eyes, their ruthless opponent moved them away from the window-lit living-room and stashed them on the kitchen floor. As they squirmed in a narrow space, he delighted in gagging them one after the other with mouth-stuffing and duct-tape, then left them neatly trussed in their tight dresses and bare feet! After several minutes of fruitless writhing, adventurous Emma led her friends in edging slowly across the hardwood floor, but before she could come close to an exit, the gloating villain materialized to destroy their hopes.

The evildoer decreed another change of location, but first ordered the defeated agents to strip off their expensive clothing; once they were naked, he tossed strips of white cloth to Anny, who first gagged Emma, then Alexa and herself. Wrists tied behind their backs, the obedient nudes were led to the vicious man's lair, where they were seated in more restrictive ropework on a couch; when Anny kicked up her feet in defiance, she was toppled on her side with her head in Alexa's lap! Feisty Emma took advantage of their oppressor's brief absence to slip onto the floor, then slide backward on her bottom to reach a phone that she'd spotted. For the third time, they were outfoxed and while Emma edged awkwardly away from her goal, the heartless man pulled up Alexa's bound legs until her bare feet rested on Anny's lap.

While her comrades lay naked, gagged and bound on the bed behind her, Alexa was tape-gagged by the operative, who was exhilarated by his triumph over the beautiful agents. Once again sitting in uncomfortable proximity and controlled by their rope webs, the agents twisted nervously until Anny took the initiative by sliding off the bed. Balancing on her knees, she moved slowly to the bedroom door while Emma and Alexa followed carefully behind her, then continued their struggles next to the couch where they'd earlier been held. But Anny was nowhere to be seen -- was she about to end our heroines' losing streak? 

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