Bondage Drama For The MILF and the 19 Year Old

Release Date: Nov.05.2018
Running Time: 0:47:56
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Emma Starletto, Shay Ruskin

When her gangster boyfriend ordered Emma Starletto to keep an eye on bound and gagged hostage Shay Ruskin, the little blonde took her assignment in a kinky direction. Aroused by the busty MILF, innocent-appearing Emma first huddled close to Shay on the couch, stroked her hair and fondled her clothed breasts. Soon, however, Shay's breasts were bared, allowing Emma to tease and lick her nipples; the creative girl then kicked off her slippers so she could lie back and press her bare feet against those fascinating boobs!

Emma was so thrilled by her domination of the apparently helpless woman that she failed to notice Shay stealthily loosening her wrist ropes. After the MILF struck back, the apprehensive girl lay tied on the couch, powerless to prevent vengeful Shay from stuffing cloth in her mouth and tape-gagging her! Emma struggled alone for several minutes, but Shay couldn't resist returning to give the naughty teenager a taste of her own medicine. Crawling on top of her slender prey, the aroused woman caressed Emma's breasts with her hands and feet; it was a deeply satisfying payback session for Shay until the thug returned!

Emma's sinister man was determined to hold Shay for his own nefarious purposes and was suspicious of his girlfriend after she failed to follow his orders, so he punished Emma with naked bondage while Shay was stripped to her panties. As the trussed-up pair sat in a wide window-seat, he silenced them with mouth-stuffing and duct- tape, then left them in hostile proximity. It wasn't long, though, until Shay and Emma recognized their common plight and tried to co-operate, first struggling back to back, then edging up into the corners of the window-seat, where they sat facing each other and trying to call for help through the windows.

Shay and Emma were granted a brief reprieve from bare-skinned restraint when they were allowed to wear tops and shorts; seated at the foot of a bed with their wrists tied behind tall wooden bedposts, the cleave-gagged couple twisted around the posts until their feet rested on a trunk at the foot of the bed. Annoyed by their maneuvers, the paranoid thug deprived both hostage and girlfriend of their clothing, so that Emma was returned to nude bondage while Shay wore nothing but her panties. Still bed-bound, they strained in resistant ropework side-by-side before rolling into each other until their tape- gagged faces were only inches apart!

Emma's treacherous boyfriend dropped the bad news that he was cutting her loose, but only in a metaphorical sense -- the ropes would continue to radically restrict her mobility and that of Shay as well. Although Emma knew that she was well rid of him, this insight wasn't helpful to the bound and gagged women awkwardly struggling in the confined space of a sunken bathtub. They both stretched their bare feet over the tub's edge in futile attempts to escape it and Shay desperately contorted her body backward until it was clear that they'd remain trapped until a rescuer appeared. 

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